Saint-Martin-d’Hères As has been widely reported, the Kansas City Radio Wars are real and they are starting to amass shrapnel. I received a copy of an internal Entercom e-mail that seems to indicate 610 Sports is taking a victory lap. After one good ratings period.

Seroquel without prescription While it’s true that if you want to be the best, you’ve got to beat the best, a communication of this nature can only stand to piss off the competition. So, without further adieu, here’s our friends at 610 taking their victory lap (image):

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A couple of key facts from this image according to Entercom:

  • Entercom 610 Sports is reaching more 18+ listeners than WHB ever has.
  • March and April of 2011 610 Sports made a significant increase over the same months the year before.

Still, I think it’s just a little early to take your victory lap.  But time will tell I guess.

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5 Responses to You Stay Classy, Kansas City – A 610 Sports Victory Lap?

  1. mike_pyro says:

    Ok I’m no ratings expert but it seems to me like 610’s higher ratings directly coincide with baseball season (or at least till the Royals fall on their face). Seems a little silly to be making a big deal about people tuning in to listen to the game instead of their regular programing.

  2. Ryan says:

    I have to agree with the Pyro. That chart says nothing about when in the day those numbers occur. You would think that if “the football station” was really the most-listened to station in KC, then they might see higher numbers in ANY of the non-Royals months.

  3. The Gentleman Masher says:

    From another market…but it’s my understanding that KC has just started using the PPM ratings…there is quite a debate about them, if you feel like looking them up. They’re either alot more accurate, or woefully inaccurate…especially when gauging men.

    Face it – most guys don’t want to carry a pager looking thing around on their belt. Most people would think they either can’t move on from the 90’s, or “special”. So – the sample size is typically very small. Thus – it is weighted…so, if you only have 10 guys who listen to 810 and 610 (not saying it’s that small), and 2 of them start listening to KCSP more during a given month…it can wildly swing ratings.

    It used to be a 3-month sampling you would see, so KCSP may want to be careful on celebrating for just 2 months.

    Additionally – ratings only matter to Agencies…not local businesses. Unless KCSP is killing WHB in Men 25-54…this isn’t that big of a deal. That’s pretty much the only demo agencies care about when they look at Sports Talk Radio.

    Okay – I’m a massive nerd…I’d probably carry a pager if they asked me. Thanks for letting me ramble.

  4. The Gentleman Masher says:

    I should clarify – if you only have 10 guys who listen to those stations, and ALSO carry a PPM pager…obviously, they have alot more listeners.

    Many would even argue that most Sports Talk stations are vastly under-reported in cume, becuase you could survey 10 men 18+ in any major sports market, and 5 of them would list a Sports Talk station as their favorite Yet – most struggle to crack the top 10 in their towns.

  5. I will look forward to reading more of your work.

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