This summer... Danny and Carrington star in the buddy comedy... WHITE CHOCOLATE.

It’s been a full week since the “big” changes in the Kansas City Sports Radio landscape as 610 Sports dropped nationally syndicated Jim Rome and doubled the air time for the Danny Parkins show while adding a full-time co-host in Carrington Harrison.

The obvious winners in this are Parkins and Harrison even though their first week has shown that they are still finding their own rhythm with each other.

What you might not know is the other winners and losers in these changes and some might surprise you.

WINNER: Nick Wright / LOSER: Kevin Kietzman

Even if the “new” Danny Parkins show picks up only a few listeners, what listeners aren’t doing is changing to 810 during Jim Rome’s show. (Something that I did daily.)  People are listening longer and then simply continuing that listenership right through to Nick Wright’s show.  For those of us who listen online, this is especially true, because it’s too many clicks to jack with changing the station to the new online stream more than once a day. (Computers R HARD!)

Plus, Kietzman’s show traditionally gets very slow during the summer.  This is usually the time of year that results in longer Cookie Diet discussions with the long winded grandpa from The Simpsons, Jim Colbert as well as the universally reviled “Cooking Segment” with Smoke N Fire’s Jim Cattey (this week, we smoke salmon!). My prediction is that Wright has a very strong summer.

WINNER: Steven St. John and Nate Bukaty / LOSER: Bob Fescoe

The opposite is true, however, in the morning.  The Border Patrol had started to lose my listenership during their 9:00 hour when The Danny Parkins Show came on.  That’s a shame, because their 9:00 hour is a great hour of their show (especially on Friday’s with “Listen or Lose” the single best recurring radio segment in Kansas City). Moving Parkins’ show back, gives me back that 9:00 hour.  It also pits 9:00 hours directly against Bob Fescoe.  Comparing Fescoe’s hour against St. John/Bukaty’s hour is like comparing that Fiat commercial with the super hot chick to a Cookie Diet ad.  Fescoe loses listeners through this change.

PUSH: The Program with Soren Petro

The time slot that is most directly impacted on 810 is Soren Petro’s slot.  People either love or hate Petro’s show.  And Petro doesn’t really give a fuck.  When I asked him if he’d like to comment on the changes to his competing time slot, he provided me a short, but polite, “nope.”  I honestly don’t think he cares.  His show is in a very repetitive formula now, but, unlike Kietzman’s, it is one that is extremely strong.  His relationships with his recurring guests are seasoned.  Weekly guests are static and his interviews remain outstanding.  Segments that people don’t “get” are tied to the same time every day which may now allow listeners to check down the dial at 610 for more local talk, but typically, Petro listeners will stay with Petro because they like Petro.  I honestly think he does the show that he wants to do and his ratings to him are somewhat irrelevant.

It will be interesting to see what inroads (if any) the new changes make, but as Danny Parkins said on his show earlier this week that it’s now “a true head to head matchup.”  This will make it much easier to determine a true winner and loser in each timeslot.

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