Brett Parker (right) as he “invented” Dressed to the Nines day in 2012 (Photo courtesy of It’s safe to say that 99% of my knowledge is about sports. I can tell you Jason Kendall’s batting average while he was with the Royals – (.256) I can tell you how many sacks Derrick Thomas had (126.5). I can even tell you whether Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame (he shouldn’t.)

revilingly The remaining 1% is usually left for Doctor Who and Star Trek trivia. I spend next to no time studying politics or current political events except to say that I’m pretty sure the state of Kansas is a dumpster fire and Missouri isn’t far behind.

Dressed to the Nines day in 2015

Dressed to the Nines day in 2015 (Photo by Chris Kamler)

But I wanted to take a second to encourage folks to consider contributing to the campaign of Brett Parker who is running for the Kansas House of Representatives in Overland Park in the 29th District.

If that name sounds slightly familiar, it’s because Brett is a long time Royals fan who came to be known as the guy who invented Dressed to the Nines Day at Kauffman Stadium. It was three or four years ago that Brett and a friend decided to honor the tradition of the Negro Leagues and the Kansas City Monarchs and wear their Sunday best. Negro League fans back in the ’50’s and ’60’s would typically come straight from church on Sundays so they’d be dressed to the nines. Brett followed suit and the event has caught on to become one of the more popular days on the calendar.

I couldn’t tell you if Brett is a Democrat or a Republican or where he stands on the issues, but I know he’s a school teacher and a good guy and worth your consideration if you have the means to donate to his campaign. But if you do get a chance to see Brett’s name on a ballot, please mark him in next November – you’ll be putting a good person in a good place to make Kansas a better place.

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