Posted this about a week ago after listening to Petro, Kurtis and the others circle jerk for about 2 hours one afternoon.  What follows is just as un-entertaining, but smells slightly less like diarrhea.

All under the hash tag: #ThingsThatAreMoreEntertainingThanKCSportsRadioRightNow

  • Brian McRae reading phone numbers for taxi cab services out of the phone book.
  • Watching Mike Sweeney drink Tequila and then eat cookies and milk.
  • @dereklarson: Looking back at Chuck Knoblauch’s time in KC.
  • Nelson Atkins Art Exhibit entitled “Rounding Third: The Billy Butler Story”
  • @dereklarson: Unsalted Saltines.
  • @FakeRyanLefebvr: me retelling Bryan Pena’s escape from cuba.. again
  • “The Decision… Pie or Pie…” By Soren Petro
  • Contractually Obligated ESPN Dick Sucking
  • Blog entry entitled “So what DOES Fake Ned Yost do all day, anyway?”
  • “One Shot, One Opportunity” a new book by Eduardo Villacis
  • The Bible, as read by Shaq.
  • An 8-part essay by Dayton Moore: “Why we switched the bullpens”
  • The 98 fake Royals Twitter accounts.
  • Watching rich people drink in the Diamond Club
  • Tornado sirens.
  • “Humility” a series of poems by Kevin Seitzer
  • Brainstorming meeting “Other shit we can put Frank White’s Face on”
  • Tim Scott.
  • Getting “gold farmed” by Zack Greinke’s #WOW character.
  • Book “How to be a success in radio” by @bobfescoe
  • Instructional video on blocking home plate by Brayan Pena.
  • Counting @getnickwright ‘s nose hairs… 1,000… 1,001… 1,002…
  • Gary Lezak shopping for slacks.
  • Questions featuring @nate_bukaty
  • Farting Contests.
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