Padova By now you’ve seen it, heard it, watched it and probably participated in a water cooler conversation about it. The Missouri State Fair Rodeo Clown has been the hot topic across the Midwest and the country this week.

You should already know the particulars. A Rodeo Clown dressed in a President Obama mask made some sort of comments during the rodeo portion of the Missouri State Fair. Many were offended. Many came to this clown’s aid.

First of all, it’s a sad day when we can no longer look to our Nation’s Rodeo Clowns to put the proper perspective and tenor on political discourse in this country. And what does this say about ourMoState State Fairs? Can reasonable people not congregate over butter cows and red funnel cakes and poke fun at our leaders?

Luckily, there is still one place we can all go, as States United and discuss like reasoned Americans.

That place… is Facebook.

The Missouri State Fair page on Facebook, to be exact.  Go ahead and check it out. I know at first, it might look like a dumpster fire of the lowest breed of human going after each other like political cock fighting. But you would be wrong. This is America at its finest.

But don’t take my word for it. Take the words of patriot Bill Benoit, Facebook user, who proudly says (all quotes are SIC, by the way): “Missouri State Fair your a disgrace.” Tony Hathcock follows that up with “Boycott the fair!”  But just when you think it might be time to pile on the State Fair for banning the Obama Clown, the “friends” of the Obama Clown, (named Tuffy. Yeah. Seriously. His name is Tuffy) come to his aid.  I give you the words of Carla Castronova, “must be great fun to take away a man’s ability to feed his family and fire him for NOTHING”

So true. Carla. What kind of state would allow this injustice? Well, Missouri, apparently, and you’ve lost at least one visitor if Jarred Smith makes good on his promise, “why didn’t you arrest him right on the spot. You could have kicked the hole martial law bit, I thought the first amendment was the RIGHT TO FREE SPEACH not the right to speak what we say is alright. I would Never visit MO again if you are an example of the states residence.”

Wow. Harsh words indeed.  But the harshest indictment leveled on Facebook about Tuffy the Obama Clown came from Hillary Perez, whom, at press time, we were unable to confirm this person’s whereabouts.  But wherever he is, he’s pissed.

“you are a bunch of freaks. when did this go from a democracy to a monarchy. when did freedom of speech vanish. you are all a bunch of black supremest loveing bigiots. i am embarassed to call missouri my home state. i am ashamed to have attended the fair in thd past an and im ashamed how communist missouri has become.”

Regardless of what happens to Tuffy, or what happens to the State Fair, let’s all try to learn a lesson from Mr. (or Mrs., honestly I couldn’t tell from the profile) Perez, please don’t let missouri turn into a communist black supremest loveing monarchy.

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