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Some quick back-story on this “Nuke.”

Nick Wright, host of What’s Right With Nick Wright on 610 has covered a couple of stories recently outlining his opinion of “cheapness” of the Kansas City Chiefs. He covered a story about layoffs during the lockout. He also brought to light a story this week about Arrowhead ticket takers no longer being allowed to watch the game after their duties are done.

Last night, the 610 evening show took a call from a Kansas City Firefighter who said that the Chiefs wanted 100 Firefighter volunteers to hold a giant flag on the field for 9/11 ceremonies at Arrowhead. They were also offered a $25 ticket for the cost of $25. If no ticket, they’d have to leave after the ceremony. Nick heard about it, the tweet was retweeted and went viral. Within 45 minutes the Chiefs had changed their position.

Interestingly enough about the same time, in a very curious move, Kevin Kietzman, host of Between The Lines went live on the air (interrupting national programming which they rarely do) with a live interview with Clark Hunt. The interview was very vanilla and did not discuss any of the recent scandals.

Today, Nick tweeted that he was going to drop a “nuke” today during his show open. He spent a few minutes recapping the details above and then went on to lob a series of highly charged accusations at his friends up the dial. He called Kietzman a “fraud” and suggest that he didn’t ask key questions in an interview because of the business relationship the Chiefs have with 810. Kevin Kietzman is a part owner in the Union Broadcasting ownership group.

Flexing my typing muscles, I transcribed as much as I could of Nick’s open today and he did land quite a few blows. I don’t know enough about nuclear engineering or journalism, but it does seem like calling your opponent a “journalistic fraud” isn’t good…

  • “If you wanna talk about that [firefighters scandal from last night], there’s only one place you can do it.”
  • “This is something that 10 years ago, nay 2 years ago, Kietzman would’ve jumped all over.”
  • “Even though we were the ‘football channel’ they beat us because they were supposed to beat us.”
  • “Last night Kietzman made the final transformation from advocate for the fans to shill for the sponsors.”
  • “The Chiefs called 810 and made a Faustian bargain. ‘Hey, Kevin, you want to interview Clark Hunt? Can you give us a commitment that you won’t mention this firefighter thing? We don’t need the bad pub?’ And they agreed to it.”
  • “Last night, we heard the most obsequious and embarrassing 11 minutes of radio I’ve ever heard.”
  • “Kietzman, a “voice of the fans,” didn’t ask Clark Hunt about firefighters or ticket takers. He ignored those stories.”
  • “either through edict, coincidence, a handshake deal or journalistic fraud, we’re now going on the 9th hour of live local radio over there, and if you’ve listened to them all day, despite the fact that [national media] have picked it up, if you’ve listened to them all day, it’s like the [firefighters story] never happened.”
  • “So how can you ever trust them?”
  • “Now that the money’s gone, the ratings are fading and every corporate business relationship is fading, you’re making decisions based on what you want them to say.”
  • “Can you image a time 5 years ago of one of our sports teams taking advantage of people on 9/11
  • “It’s sad, and it’s unfortunate.”
  • “Two goals of #RadioWars, 1) us to win, 2) you to win.”
  • “Each segment matters.”
  • “Stop wasting time with “Frank Opinions” and “How’s the golf game, Danny” and us to stop making fun of each other and do good radio.”
  • “Ultimately, what it’s come to is it’s an unfair fight.”
  • “Even if they cut all that fluff out, they don’t have the ability anymore to objectively report stories.”
  • “[Kevin’s interview with Hunt last night was] 10 minutes of a reacharound with Clark Hunt.”
  • “Anyone that pays attention to their sports teams, media people, politicians knows one empirical truth right now. And that is… One radio station is not allowed to tell you the whole story.”
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8 Responses to The Nuke…

  1. Jake says:

    Kietzman never actually takes the low road to shit on Dick Wrong. He leaves that to Dick’s butt buddy Fescoe. 610 Sports has such suck ass personalities on it. I am not a big Kietzman fan but he is way better than Dick Wrong will ever be.

  2. B says:

    I don’t see where this is a “nuke”. Pretty agregious behavior by the Chiefs (after I looked it up as it isn’t exactly as national as Nicky would have you believe, only one blog by I found by some guy named Larry Brown), and who knows if KK actually had any clue about it to try and skim right past it. Not to defend him, his show is lacking.

    Seems to me it’s just overreaching by a radio host hanging onto his new found success by two fingernails and a prayer.

  3. Ryan Smith says:

    Kevin for many years lob crap at 610sports. He has on several occasion called them out for being corporate ran. Keitzman has sold out 810whb, primarily his show to the Chiefs. 8 years ago he would have up front on the Chiefs and the ownership being cheap. Now that they have a business deal with 810whb he is all hush hush.

  4. FakeNed says:

    I guess Nick thought a “nuke” was the charge of “journalistic fraud” that he lobbed at Kevin. I agree that this wasn’t a “nuke” but rather a series of scuds that looked pretty cool against the night sky. Entertaining? Yes. Nuclear? No. Now, I am curious if he has anything to back up the charge of the “agreement” between 810 and Chiefs carrying a clause about content. I find it hard to believe that it’s anywhere in writing… But what do I know.

  5. Guy who knows says:


    What the heck does that mean? RT @patg663 What does your Dad do for a living @getnickwright? Was this firefighter story spoon fed to u?

  6. Ryan Smith says:

    The point is that 810 hasn’t mentioned the “firefighter story” and they won’t. Seriously why would they drag Keitzman from evening golfing at Falcon Ridge to interview Mr. Clark Hunt? The Kansas City Chiefs are becoming a joke. This front office(business side) is becoming one of the worst in the league. l

  7. Merle Tagladucci says:

    So let me see if I got this right. Nick’s show opening today (that big “nuke” he promised) was all about Kevin Ketizman and his failure to report a story that would make the Chiefs look bad? That was his #1, breaking news, you-must-hear-this story that kicked off his program today? Talking about 810? Again?

    Got it.

  8. LastRoyalsFan says:

    When @getnickwright spends his time trashing KK he’s not talking about sports either. It seems to me that if he really wanted to build the best sport talk radio show he’d focus on talking about sports rather than the competition down the road.

    I do have to say that Nick seems to be much more ‘in your face’ than Kietzman, but I’m not sure whether that amounts to better journalism or just bigger stones.

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