So, I’ve been toying with this idea of trying to figure out the Mount Rushmore (Top 4) of Play-By-Play (or Broadcaster Clips) for Kansas City Sports History.

Kansas City has had some outstanding broadcasters pass through town.  Monty Moore called KC A’s and Chiefs games.  Denny, of course.  Maybe, even, you’re a Rex Hudler fan. I don’t know. But there have been some incredible voices with names like Harlan, Stram, Grigsby.  Many of us spent our summers and our falls listening to these guys our entire lives.

The ones I could come up with were:

Denny Matthews “No outs to go…”

This, of course, was his signature call of the final out of the 1985 World Series as Darryl Motley caught the final out of Game 7.

NO OUTS TO GO. (Yes, I know you can recite it.)

The only other one I could think of would be Hank Stram’s “Matriculate the ball down the field” drop from NFL Films.  No, it’s not a play-by-play, but still pretty cool.

Mitch Holtus “Touchdown!! KAN-SAS CITY!!”?

Say what you will about Holtus being a bit of a homer and cheerleader, but try not to get chills hearing him call a Touchdown.

Homer? Absolutely. But this is pretty good.

Kevin Harlan “Oh Baby! What a play!!”

Before there was Holtus, there was Harlan.  One of the GREATEST Kansas City voices ever.

(Jump ahead to :50, or just enjoy the full 60 seconds when the Chiefs were the entire city.)

Simply called “The Voice.”


Exhibit B: “Ladies and gentlemen, you are watching something that’s never been done in the National Football League”

But I need a fourth nominee.

Soccer? The guy who does radio for Sporting is pretty awesome, but I don’t know if he has a signature call.  Who takes this fourth spot on the mountain? Am I missing something obvious? Leonard? Grigs? Fred White? Paul Splittorff? Who deserves to take that fourth spot?

Add your choices in COMMENTS below and we’ll come up with a fourth.


Bob Davis call’s “The Shot” (Nominated by  @Brad_Hope)

Mario’s Miracle by THE VOICE of KU Basketball–Bob Davis


Bob Davis calls the 2008 Kerry Meier TD vs. Mizzou…

Dan Dierdorf calls 1993 Chiefs beat Steelers “If you didn’t believe before…” (Added by @ChrisKamler)

Remember when the Chiefs were in the playoffs like every year?

Mike Kelly on the Mizzou Sports Network. Understated and awesome. “Missed it. And Missouri knocks off Kansas…” and “Safety. Ballgame. Bingo.”

Understated and amazing.


MU/KU 2007. Safety. Ballgame. Bingo.

Hank Stram – “Matriculate the ball down the field, boys…” – While he wasn’t a broadcaster (at that time,) Stram gave out the best quotes in the early stages of “Mic’d Up.”

65 Toss Power Trap

You know what? Screw it. This is my list. I’m nominating myself. Chris Kamler Ban Johnson Playoff Finals 2013:

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