The Kyle Davies Drinking Game #DaviesDrinkingGame

Thanks @JerDog - This one's for you!!

According to Danny Parkins, here is the Kyle Davies Drinking Game for his start on July 25, 2011:

  • Step 1 – Get a Designated Driver if you’re drinking alcohol. Kyle Davies is statistically the worst starting pitcher in the history of baseball. You. Will. Get. Drunk.
  • Drink responsibly
  • 1 Base Single or Walk – Drink
  • 2 Base Double – 2 Drinks
  • 3 Base Triple – 3 Drinks
  • Back to Back – Double what’s above
  • Drink anytime an announcer during his appearance mentions that Davies has “good stuff.”
  • If he leaves before the 5th inning – he is caring for our livers – but you must finish your drink.
  • Hit Batter – Punch Your friend while they’re drinking
  • Stolen Base because his delivery is so slow, steal your friend’s drink.
  • 1, 2, 3 inning – 3 up, 3 down – you get to drink water during the break.
  • UPDATED FOR RED SOX START: Any Hit Off the Green Monster is a shot.
HOUSE RULES – Optional if you are keepin’ it REAL:
  • @j_higgs13 Hit to a sub-.240 batter should be a lap around the house… (Varitek, Navarro and McDonald if he falls below .241)
  • @fakenedyost If Jon Lester throws a no-hitter against the #Royals again, you must swear off #DaviesDrinkingGame and move to crack..
  • If there is a Shawnee Mission Kia commercial, and you own a Kia, you need to run out to your car and drink a shot.
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  1. holtron

    What if he strikes out the side? Ah forget it…

  2. FakeNed (Post author)

    If he strikes out the side, everyone playing should convert to bible-thumping religious types… cuz the end is nigh.

  3. Easz88

    I personally believe that drinks should always be taken as shots or shotguns, and shots must increase in proof with that which is least likely to happen. (all sorts of alcohol)

    Single – Shotgun a beer.
    Double – Shot of Rum
    Triple – Shot of 151
    HR – Shot of Whiskey
    Back to Back – I agree with the double of any above.
    Hit Batter – I agree with punching your friend.
    Hit off someone batting .240 or lower – Boilermaker
    Steal – Swap regular drink with whomever you can as fast as you can???
    1-2-3 inning – doesn’t exist – there’s no point in drinking or not drinking to this. 🙂

    Here’s the deal, I figure drinking this way will get some of you asses to root for Kyle – that way you don’t have to drink all this shtuff. 🙂

  4. RyanDuhFever

    shawnee mission kia jenn comercial after run surrendered?

    also don’t forget ground balls “just out of the reach of Chris Getz”

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