buy stromectol pills

buy Ivermectin online uk We are sick and tired of being sick and tired. We are fed up with being the bottom of the barrel.

Techiman We’re tired of  David Glass walking away from this town.

We’re tired of the race being over one month into the season and being too “small market” to sign free agents.

We’re done with it being 27 years since our last playoff game.  Thirty-nine years since our last All-Star Game.

We are done with having a “mandated by rule” representative to the All-Star Game.

A change is coming.

That change started Monday night.

Some will call it “petty” or “tart” or “classless.”

You haven’t been here. You haven’t seen what we’ve seen. You haven’t seen the flood of injuries in this town that led us to cringe whenever we hear “Tommy John.” You haven’t felt the sinking feeling minutes after we sat down at Opening Day and we’re already down by six runs. You haven’t watched every game on television and been reminded that this team is fractured; that this team isn’t whole; that this team needs continuity; that this whole weekend was minus Frank White.

As the boos grew louder and louder and louder last night for Robinson Cano, you could feel the starvation in each utterance. BOOOOOOOO.  BOOOOOOOOOO.  This wasn’t some high-pitched chortle. This was from the soul. We were booing from our soul to his soul. Because his soul represented all that is wrong with Baseball in Kansas City.  An ironic Bronx Cheer.

It represented nearly three decades of Biblical futility. It represented massive contempt for the entire infrastructure that led us to this day.  For David Glass. For “Our Time.” For Eduardo Villacis. For Vin Mazzaro. For Jonathan Sanchez. For Dayton Moore. For everyone that has used the phrase “cow town.” For the Chiefs. For our children who’ve never seen a playoff game won in this town.

We booed for Billy Butler.

We booed at Robinson Cano.

May I remind you that this was also the same night that we gave a standing ovation to Reggie Jackson.  A man who fed off of the boos in this stadium for years.  Cano crumbled. He absolutely caved.

Here’s the second half of Cano’s at bat.  You know what happens. But SPOILER ALERT: It doesn’t end well.

Yes. We booed. We booed until our throats were raw and our feelings were felt.

We booed for Kansas City.


Oh… and just because… This:

5 Responses to The Home Run Derby

  1. RON says:

    fun 2 c again!

  2. Rex says:

    As a Royals fan, I’ll agree that the booing was over the top when Yankee fans stop booing their own players in Yankee Stadium. I did feel a little sorry for his dad though.

  3. Bernadette says:

    You guys certainly made your point last night. It was tough to watch as a Yankee fan. I felt like I was being booed.

    I will also say this: Cano got into KC at 4:30 that morning. He got only a few hours sleep. That HAS to be factored into his terrible performance last night.

  4. Len says:

    As a Red Sox fan I feel people that do not unconditionally boo all Yankees players to be completely classless assholes. As someone who lived for 10 years in Kansas City, do not blame the Yankees for the Royals being so bad, blame management; I mean the Cardinals won last year and it isn’t like that market is that much bigger than KC. Also blame yourselves, the Royals franchise makes money every year, and I see no reason why management would seek change if you continue to pay your hard earned dollars into this failing franchise. If you want change do the best thing you can do for the Royals and show your displeasure by not attending their miserable baseball games.

  5. Harry says:

    Hey Len suck a dick.

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