buy provigil online with prescription There are many types of balance in the universe. The heat and the cold. The rain and the fire. The dumpster and the diver. Royals fans have their own balance in the universe. For every good thing that happens to us, there is usually one (or more) bad things that balance us out – to keep us humble. For every cherry, there is a pit. For every melody, there is an out of tune piano. For every Eric Hosmer, there is an Eduardo Villacis. For every list highlighting the greatest players and moments of the Kansas City Royals over the past 50 years, there must, by definition, be a list of the worst players and moments in Kansas City Royals history over the past 50 years. This is that list.

50 Years is a long time for a franchise with only two World Series Trophies, nine playoff appearances and four pennants. It’s also a long time for a team who has finished last in the division eight times; finished fifth or worse twelve times, and lost 95 or more games nine times.

For every rainbow, there is a dark cloud. Welcome, friends, to the Worst of the Kansas City Royals – 1969-2018.

#50 – Sluggerrr’s Wiener

#49 – Turn Forward the Clock

#48 – Bo

#47 – Mark Quinn’s Walk

#46 – Chris Getz’s Ass Slide

#45 – Johnny Damon’s Commercial

#44 – Guthrie’s Meltdown

#43 – #VoteOmar

#42 – Tony Pena’s Shower

#41 – Esteban German’s Pop Up

#40 – Broxton’s Walk Off

#39 – The Almonte Game

#38 – Crow’s Balk Off

#37 – The Chambliss Homer

#36 – Batting Out of Order

#35 – Back to Back to Back to Back

New moments will be posted after Royals losses this year. So… we’ll likely be wrapped up by Memorial Day. This little project is certainly not meant to belittle or mock the baseball franchise I’ve spent my entire life loving and following. Oh no, it’s simply meant to bring balance back to the universe. Happy 50th Birthday, Royals. You don’t look a day over 60.



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