The Fake Ned Fister

It’s the end of the year already and that means it’s time to send out our first-annual Fake Ned Awards. We call them “The Fisters” in honor of our favorite twitter topic. Instead of some lame intro and awards show banter, let’s get to the awards. Check out the fancy multimedia presentation above.

Best Fan Club Nominees:

  • The Cauldron
  • Chiefs Tailgaters
  • Next Year Alert: The Ryan Verdugo Fan Club (The Nutzies or The Hufflepuffs)

The Fister Goes To: The French Quarter

Best Super Fan Nominees:

  • KC Royalman
  • Chiefs X-Factor Guy
  • Cauldron Participants
  • Chiefs Lady with the Boxing Football Players

The Fister Goes To: Super Fan Chris

Greatest Twitter Cry For Help Nominees:

The Fister Goes To: Rambling Morons Co-Host @LaurieJenn

Best Twitter Hashtag Nominees:

The Fister Goes To: #CountryBreakfast

We’ll have more next week! Thanks for tuning in and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

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