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Royals – 50 Worst Moments – #35 – Back to Back to Back to Back

In 50 years of Royals history, there are certainly hundreds of moments to celebrate. Championships. Comeback wins. Records. All of it is interwoven into the fabric of the Royals crown. What is also woven in the crevices are stupefyingly dumb moments where you really wonder if any club has been so hapless in Major League history. One such moment happened in August, 2008.

Royals – 50 Worst Moments – #49 – Turn Forward The Clock Night

The Kansas City Royals uniform has gone through very few major changes since its inception in 1969. Now, I’m specifically talking about the home whites. Crafted off of the Los Angeles Dodgers uniforms, the script ROYALS across the front and… (READ MORE)