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Seoul Travelog – Day 5 – Baseball

Missionaries brought the game of baseball to Asia in the late 1800’s. Centuries later, it has evolved into nearly the same game as we see in the United States — on the field, that is. Off the field is a… (READ MORE)

Show 006 – An Hour of Baseball Talk… Mostly…

Our original guest was unable to make it, so we talked baseball for an hour on The Ballgame, just Chris Kamler and Jeff Logan. Well, we mostly talked baseball. We also talked a little Big 12 Basketball for some reason, and then, somehow mixed in the phrase “shucky ducky quack quack” into the conversation. All […]

Fake Ned Minute #22 – That Summer Wind…

Spring Training is finally here!! You know that the summer wind brings those great baseball slogans. Enjoy our latest Fake Ned Minute with a special review of this week’s interview with Nick Wright. All can be found at ramblingmorons.com