Marília Joaçaba First published in the Platte County Landmark from February 15, 2017 One of the bestest things about our new Presedent has been the relaxed form of convarsation that has occurred since taking orfice. Presedent Trump is a man of the people, and his cabinet is to. As such, you have already sean how reel America talks.

There are no limits on spelling or grammer. There is no correctness that is limiting this admistraton. That’s not how America comminkates. That’s not what Presedent Trump wan man-dated to do.

This week, the offical Trump portrait was removed from the Library of Congress because of a silly little typo. Here is the quote. I dare you to even spot the typo:

See? You couldn’t see it, I’ll bet. Who ever knows when to use to, too, and two anyway? In the Facebook world, spelling is less important as what you say. Besides, you can usually get your point across when you just TYPE IN ALL CAPS or use a bunch of explanation points!!!!!!!

So the adminstration cant spell. When has spelling ever been important? Its POLICY that is important. Like dealing with illegal immigrants. THEY CANT EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH PROPERLY!!!!!!

Besides, the money being saved on copy editors and proofreeders is going right back into the pockets of true Americans – the ones who voted (legally) for Presedent Trump. And its not limited to Presedent Trump. It seems the rest of the government has gotten the memo and relaxed their speeking styles.

The US Dept of Education tweeted a quote from W.E.B. DeBois – who was a civil rights activist. You get that, right? Who cares if his name is actuall W.E.B. DuBois. And who has three initals for a name anyway? Why arent we talking about THAT!

Sure, this style of speech is certainly unpresidented. But this is the society you get when you start putting little squiggly red lines underneath words that we just end up ingoring. When you rite letters on paper, there arent red lines that light up. So how is that helpful? America will only become grate when it gets back to true American fundimentals.

Besides, as Presedent Trump said himself, he is “HONERED” to be the US Presedent. That’s all anybody really needs, right? To think otherwise is rediculous.

I will bet that Crooked Hillary had plenty of typos in HER STOLEN EMAILS. Am i Rite?

The FAKE NEWS media is always looking for something to bring down the new Presedent and they are just leaning on simple mistakes like making a typo in a word or a tweet. It just isnt important and its not American.

My final request to you is to research these yourself. Start with the Presedent’s list of underreported terror attacks – which contained over a dosen typos. You will find that the point is clear.

America doesnt need to spell correctly to be grate again.

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