Make that two popular Royals players that have announced that they are quitting Twitter.

where to buy cytotec Earlier in the year, injured pitcher Danny Duffy closed his popular and upbeat Twitter account for a short time after a heated discussion with an online follower.  Duffy returned to Twitter a couple of weeks later making no mention of his absence and still being very active as he rehabs from Tommy John surgery.

Fremont Then, earlier today, the equally as popular and almost even more upbeat Brayan Pena, backup catcher for the Royals announced, cryptically, that he would not be tweeting anymore.

Was this forced on him by the Royals? Fox Sports reporter Nate Bukaty said he spoke with Pena and he denied that the Royals were behind this mandate to end his tweeting.

Recently, Pena has openly asked fans why they were so down on the Royals. The answers back to him focused on the failure of the Glass family to field a winning team, as well as dozens of other reasons.

Could the Glass family be behind this? His agent? The media? Salvador Perez? Aliens? Robinson Cano? Or has he just grown tired of the 24/7 accessibility Twitter gives?

When the Kansas City Baseball Vault spoke with Brayan last month, he recalled his tremendous story of courage by escaping Cuba and enjoying his life here in the United States. Pena’s account frequently is upbeat and postive and stands as a reminder that going 0-4 at the plate is nothing compared to the oppression and poverty Pena saw growing up.

The fact remains that this story will not be told, at least for now, through Pena’s Twitter account.  Hopefully he’ll come to the same conclusion that Duffy did and come back to Twitter soon.

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  1. Tim says:

    Humberto kept direct messaging him something about John Buck’s jockstrap.

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