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What’s not to love about Salvador Perez? Since the second he became a Royal, he has been a fan favorite – dating back to his time in the minor leagues. Ned Yost has been on the Salvy bandwagon since the early days. “He’s the total player,” Yost said. “He’s offensive, he’s defensive, he’s got leadership skills. But there are still things that he needs to do to continue to get to the next level. I think he’s going to be the best. I don’t think there’s going to be anybody better than him.” High praise from a former catcher.

Throw into the mix his infectious smile, his semi-homo-erotic love affair with Lorenzo Cain, and his energy, and you’ve got the recipe for someone as beloved in this city as you’re likely to see.

That smile, tho. [ESPN]

The absence of that energy is the topic of our moment today. If we’re all being honest with ourselves, we knew the 2018 season was going to be a bucket of horse shit. Eric Hosmer and Lorenzo Cain were gone. The pitching staff has never really recovered from the loss of Yordano Ventura, and an already watered down 2017 team was looking more and more watered down the year after. Dayton Moore decided against going full tank job and signed a few free agent names like Lucas Duda and Mike Moustakas only to confuse fans. If not full tank job, then why the half baked cake?

But heading into Opening Day 2018, if you squinted hard enough and maybe stared at the 25 man roster, you could maybe see a path to a Wild Card run — if you stared long enough (and were drunk.)

Any such faint hope evaporated like the snowflakes upon getting rock salted on the evening of March 27, 2018 when Salvador Perez went to pick up some luggage and strained a ligament in his knee after hearing a “pop.”

The man who just a year before signed a long contract with the Royals, and one of the few bright spot on the 2018 team. The World Series MVP out for up to two months.

No one man determines a destiny for a ball club. But as you saw in his return, hitting a homer in his first game back against the Brewers, some of that pop sure would’ve been nice. Salvy’s backup, the perfectly quaffed Drew Butera had as many home runs in the first month of the season as you and I did combined. And, while certainly a serviceable backup catcher, not one meant to take the load every day. Salvy went to Dong Town 27 times last year and the Royals have been 3-5 in one-run games so far this season.

There are a ton of reasons why the Royals are poop so far this year. The weather certainly plays a part. Jorge Bonifacio’s 80 game suspension is huge. The mounting challenges of rebuilding after you went all in two years prior hurt too. (I’m looking at you Sean Manaea.)

But the most Royals thing that happened to cause the current funk the Royals are in is for Salvy to pick up a couple of bags of dirty underpants and bust up his knee for a month.

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