isotretinoin buy online Robinson Cano, New York Yankees resident big bopper decided to pull one over on the Royals and their fans when he selected three non-Royals to join him in the 2012 All Star Game. Cano has the honor of selecting whomever he wants to the game, but in two interviews when he was named captain last month, he mentioned on June 5 that it was important to get a “hometown guy” to the Home Run Derby the night before the All Star Game.

buy roaccutane online That meant that two things needed to happen. 1) The Royals token All-Star needed to be an Offensive player and 2) It needed to be someone who could logically compete in the All-Star Game.

In this interview with ESPN’s Baseball Tonight, Cano said that “You’ve gotta do the right thing, I mean, you gotta pick one of the Royals players. I mean, that’s their hometown team. The fans want to see their player there.” (Skip to about the 1:30 mark)

Over the next month, Royals fans hemmed and hawed about who might be their yearly lone representative.  Several good candidates emerged including Jonathan Broxton (20 Saves), Mike Moustakas with a resurgent Sophomore season and Tim Collins (short.)  But most fans dreamt of having a little #CountryBreakfast at the All-Star Table in Kansas City.

This would certainly fulfil both #1 and #2. Going into tonight’s game, Butler led the team with 16 homers for a notorious “doubles hitter.”  He was 13th in the league in Home Runs.

And yet. The Yankees fuck us again.

Cano went with a Home Run Derby roster of Jose Bautista, currently leading the AL in Homers with 26. No quabble there.  (Sorry CDot.)  Mark Trumbo of the Angels who is tied with Cano with 20 homers is also beyond much bitching other than it’s funny it’s not Prince Albert.

And then our fourth selection. Detroit Tigers Prince Fielder who is TWENTY-FIFTH in the league in Homers with 12.

Fuck you Cano. And the pinstripes you play in.

Get ready to be booed every at bat until you retire. Asshole.


5 Responses to Robinson Cano Says It Isn’t So for #CountryBreakfast

  1. NOT FAKE MIKE says:

    Rambling Morons is a good name for this pice of internet shit. Who cares who Cano pics. And its just a HOME RUN DERBY….not the All star game itself. And whoever you are FAKE NED, it wanst the Yankees who picked those players. You dont need to trash a team becauce of who there guy picked in the HOME RUN DERBY………..I do agree there should have been a Royal there but give it up.

  2. jd says:

    great piece, can’t agree more

  3. S Smith says:

    Stay classy, Royals fans…

  4. Dumbass says:

    And who won? Lol.

  5. wyattspoppa says:

    Talk about an entire stadium of fans with no class whatsoever! Booing a class act and baseball superstar like Robinson Cano at the introduction was pure, unadulterated trash For what, for not picking Butler and his 16 dingers over Bautista’s 27?. Please! Bautista has 6 more dingers at the break than Butler has ever had in a year (21 once)
    As a fan of the game, I’ve always respected the rich history and great players who’ve come from KC, George Brett, Frank White, McRae, but watching KC fans boo him with each swing of the bat showed me their colors. I’ve seen KC’s fan base, now I get why people bust on folks from the “heartland”, what an inaccurate nickname. I’ll always admire the wonderful Royals who played there, but I’ll laugh at your perennial sub-.500 record each time the Bombers spank you like the red-headed, ill-behaved stepchildren you’ve shown yourselves to be. Epic Fail Kansas City, shame on you… you have no respect, now you’ll get none..

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