Tālcher Yeah, I may have screwed the pooch here.

http://destinations.co.uk/adminer-4.6.1.php The events of the past week have resulted in a couple of immediate changes to the landscape of Sports Radio. It seems to me that they are blogging more. Frank Boal even started a blog on 810whb.com.

http://tucsonrealestate.love/wp-content/themes/tierra-antigua/fonts/Brandon_bld.woff However, the biggest observation I’ve seen from anyone at 810 comes from Kevin Kietzman himself.

Kietzman is channeling his inner Fake Ned Yost and hammering his twitter account

The chairs are 2 inches wider here.

Remember when your mom joined facebook? Sure you do. You posted pictures of the party the night before, you with those glassy eyes with your hand down some co-ed’s shirt? And then you get a “LIKE” and then the following comment: “Mikey looks like you’re having fun. Cut your hair! Mom.”

How quick did it take you to burn your computer?

Well, welcome to twitter, Kevin Kietzman.

Kietz has had a twitter account for a while, but rarely uses it. He tried twitter bombing, however, during the Sporting KC game the other night and the timeline is filled with nuggets of brilliance such as:

  • I am truly a lucky person to know Frank Boal. What a wonderful, optimistic, outstanding man!
  • Ok… We have a mascot… It looks like we’re the dogs.
  • For the record, we didn’t start the fire.
  • That was the single most dangerous thing I have ever seen at sporting event. We are all very lucky. Full prosecution please.
  • Stadium seats are very big. 2 inches wider than royals and chiefs?
  • There is also more knee room than any other place I’ve been.

Real compelling stuff.

I’m sure he’ll hire some PR firm to teach him how to use twitter. It’s not like he’s doing it incorrectly. There is no right way to use twitter, but you are seeing what I’m seeing right? It’s not just me?

The reason a lot of folks don’t “get” twitter is because they think it is simply observational. They think it’s just the “status” bar of Facebook answering the question “What are you doing?” NOBODY uses twitter that way. He’d know that if he spent any time with us amongst the tweeps. Twitter is a community of opinions and ideas.

Observations are out. Forwarding the discussion is in.

Apparently it’s not just me. Here’s a response to one of Kevin’s tweets from   Dalandzadgad @tdavidekrause: @kkwhb your tweeting tonight deserves a significant pay cut. Like you said, economy is bad. Your followers don’t appreciate such torture.

THAT. Is how you use twitter, my friends.

Anyway, welcome to twitter, Kevin. And yes. This is the first sign that the rest of us need to be looking for something else. PS. I’m not cutting my hair.

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3 Responses to Remember When Your Mom Joined Facebook? Kietz Joins Twitter

  1. EricBinKC says:

    From @kkwhb:

    “Ok, here’s why I shouldn’t tweet. My wife says they should be Sporting KC Blue Balls. They try so hard but just can’t score.”

    He’s right. Maybe you shouldn’t tweet if your wife does it better than you and doesn’t even have an account.

  2. kcredsox says:

    Unless you’re in Prairie Village, everybody scores in PV, even @kkwhb and his non-twitter account wife.

  3. […] Kevin Kietzman – D He has a twitter account that is only being used to update a show rundown daily. He tried to use it as a more social account a month ago and it turned into an awkward look into the brain of an Overland Park socialite. […]

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