On New Year’s Day, we took our podcasting skills to Kelly’s Westport Inn where we met up with our Kansas City Podcasting bretheren, the Royalman Report and Soundtrack of the Week.

While our sobriety could be questioned, we will take responsibility for the Chiefs winning during the show.

buy Lyrica 300 mg online uk SHOW NOTES:

00:00 – Mic’s were hot and talked over our intro. So there’s that.

00:01 – Happy New Year. We’re all going to die.

00:04 – Crazy Lady talking about the end of the world. Shalon 2.0

00:07 – #EndTimes – Justin Bieber playing Let It Be in front of Dick Clark

buy Aurogra online without prescription from canada 00:08 – Facebook Theater – “New Year Kisses” – Featuring Jay, Ty, Llama, Troy, Friggin’ Engel and the Rambling Morons Dancers.

00:11 – Fake Ned Minute

00:13 – Laurie Jenn Minute – Careful, it’s mushy.

http://itstimetogetorganized.com/s-m-a-r-t-goals-have-you-tried-them/?share=twitter 00:15 – Interview with Jay Fisher, Ty Fisher and Chris Atkins from our “Sister” or “Big Brother” podcast, Soundtrack of the Week.

00:28 – Discussion of our “rivalry” – YOU decide whether it’s behind us or not.

00:30 – Check out Jay’s outstanding website The Unassociated Press.

00:39 – Jay melts down.

00:45 – Our Interview with Troy Olsen, Michael Engel and a very quiet Jeff Hurr of the Royalman Report

Thanks again to Kelly’s Westport Inn for their patience and for putting up with us. It’s a GREAT bar so please check them out and tell them that the Morons sent you.


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