Episode 4 is where we finally worked out most of the kinks – and just in time – because we had a BIG time radio host on the show. Well, it was DannyBoi from 96.5 The Buzz.  Bigger than Danny Parkins? Yep.

DannyBoi from 96.5 the Buzz was here to give us his take on Kansas City, the radio business, cat videos on YouTube and booze.

We were joined, as always, by the very lovely, although nicely dressed? Laurie Kunkel and also a newbie to the crew, Alex Hankins. You know them both as @LaurieJenn and @FakeLazloTheBuz on twitter.

We also played our EXCLUSIVE interview with OccupyKC’s spokesperson Shalon.

Oh, and listen very closely to the back half of the interview with DannyBoi where you’ll hear about a prior love connection with Danny and our very own Laurie. Awkward doesn’t begin to describe what happened.


First Segment: The News –

  • 6:00 – Barack Obama confused Kansas for Texas (common mistake, really.)
  • 8:00 – Albert Pujols is really rich
  • 9:00 – #ATB – Sad deal, thoughts and prayers out to you guys
  • 12:00 – Skinny Jeans and how Mormons hate them
  • 14:00 – Explanation of our tiny misunderstanding with our friends at Soundtrack of the Week.
  • 17:00 – Our exclusive interview with Shalon from #OccupyKC
  • 30:00 – Fake Ned Minute – Fake Ned Fister Awards to Best and Worst of KC Sports Radio
  • 33:00 – Our interview with DannyBoi from 96.5 the Buzz
    • 34:00 Anal Porn and YouPorn and Asians (that didn’t take long)
    • 37:00 Humble Brags about how many twitter followers we have
    • 39:00 #RIPMichaelJackson
    • 42:00 Which bands/artists are dicks? Which are cool?
    • 46:30 DannyBoi the Drug Mule
    • 48:00 Music Selection and Kissing up to Lazlo
    • 55:00 Bands I’m supposed to be listening to
    • 57:00 The greatest story ever told about a prior love connection between DannyBoi and co-host Laurie.
    • 1:00:00 #RIPMySpace and Boobies
    • 1:07:00 Porn in the old days
    • 1:08:00 Tosh.0 ripoffs
    • 1:14:00 DannyBoi takes on our own videos
    • 1:16:00 Mac Lethal – We Want YOU.
    • 1:21:00 Our taste in porn (it all came full circle, pun intended)
    • 1:28:00 Jeremy Piven story #Dickhead #AfentraIsNotATranny

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