We celebrated our eighth episode (No, we didn’t think we’d get this far either) featuring Joe in Bugaha from Jim Rome Show fame and a great local band, Band 13, in studio.

As per usual, we were joined by the equally lovely and talented Laurie Kunkel @LaurieJenn plus new Fake Ned Minutes and Laurie Jenn Minutes.

We record every Sunday around 4:00 and stream that live right here on the website. If you can’t catch the live show, we podcast it via iTunes and Stitcher Radio as well as have the video of our Cavalcade of Stars available up on YouTube.

If you’ve got any questions for the group, make sure to tweet us at @RamblingMorons, @FakeNedYost or @LaurieJenn and we’ll be sure to answer them during the show.


  • 01:00 – Laurie’s hair is fantastic, don’t you think? Kind of that “I don’t give a rip” look.
  • 03:00 – Our News Segment, it’s likely we forgot the funny this week.
  • 12:00 – Facebook Theater: The Upchucking Cat
  • 14:15 – Fake Ned Minute – Shoot Your Wad for College Basketball
  • 15:45 – LaurieJenn Minute – Everything I learned…
  • 18:30 – Interview with @JoeInBugaha about his involvement with the Jim Rome show, his new website and his Twitter awards.
  • 29:00 – Band 13 – great local band. Catch them on January 27 at the Coda Bar & Grill.
    • 31:45 – Into The Blue
    • 38:00 – Lost In Atomic Passion
    • 43:30 – Gas Station Rose
  • We close out the show with my order for chicken fingers and Laurie’s order for a job.
  • We recommend THIS as a policy and procedure for Laurie.
Tune in next week when we’ll have Laz (@HeyCameraman) and Randy @1800Randy both in studio!



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