The ninth episode of our little podcast was a little nerve wracking for me as we were joined for the first time by my wife, Mrs. Fake Ned for the opening segment. She did a great job talking about the YMCA Charity event we went to the night before but also managed to throw a few jabs in at me.

We also spoke with Emmy-Award Winning (and Best Tech in Kansas City) Photojournalist Laz Abalos of KMBC 9. We talked about the News Biz, the future of technology and Baby Lisa (but not in a depressing way.)

Finally, as the chili was simmering upstairs, we talked with Randy Burgard about his life as a new comedian, his efforts to win a comedy competition and might’ve guilt-tripped him into an invite to his float trip.



  • 00:00 From The Rambling Morons World Headquarters. I like that.
  • 00:01 – We really overbooked the show, so no news segment this week, just went right into my wife. (Wait. That sounded bad.)
  • 00:02 – Kara, my wife, joined us for the first segment. This made me feel strange. Plus Laurie explains how soy sauce and computers are a bad mix.
  • 00:03 – Kara gave us a review of the YMCA Challenge Your Fashion Charity event on Saturday. Great charity, even greater event – especially when you hear the girls talk about half-naked Kansas City Royals players. Check them out at – You can follow along with these pictures on our video version of the podcast at
  • 00:08 – Kara offers Laz a Hydrocodone. Yeah. It was that kind of night.
  • 00:11 – Kara cozy’s up to Eric Hosmer and I cozy up to Mitch Meier
  • 00:14 – Quote of the day from the wife. “You’re very funny, honey. And I love you. And you’re getting better.” I call bullshit on all three.
  •  00:17 – Interview with Danny Boi from Afentra’s Big Fat Morning Buzz on 96.5. We talked with him about the SOPA and PIPA Online Piracy acts that could do some extremely bad things to the Internet as we know it. Danny explains it very well and it’s well worth a listen. Plus, we reference Laurie’s boobs about 20 times.
  • 00:28 – We begin our conversation with Laz Abalos, award winning photojournalist for KMBC Channel 9 here in Kansas City. Laz is not only one of the best photographers in town, but also named the Best Tech Expert in Kansas City by The Pitch. He works on a great website and the NGM Podcast. Both are well worth adding to your RSS Reading device.
  • 00:32 – Twitter and how News Agencies cover news and the inevitable conclusion that all news is reported by Kris Ketz… who never sleeps.
  • 00:34 – Social media, politics and the news cycle. “Your campaign can be destroyed in a matter of retweets.”
  • 00:37 – Live tweeting news events. Live tweeting entertainment events.
  • 00:42 – Laz’s website
  • 00:45 – With the emergence of new media. What will news look like in 5 years?
  • 00:50 – You can’t have a discussion about news without talking about the Kardashians.
  • 00:51 – Where is Baby Lisa?
  • 00:54 – Old picture of Fake Ned as a 11 year old sitting at the KMBC 9 News Desk. (Audio listeners, check Google+ Page for the picture.)
  • 00:57 – Fake Ned Minute – On the Bruce Chen Joke of the Day
  • 01:00 – Interview with Randy Burgard @1800Randy on Twitter, one of the funner comedian accounts on Twitter. He brings a very organized structure to his young comedy career, but is already turning heads after strong showings in local comedy competitions.
  • 01:03 – Randy’s First Time
  • 1:10 – We’re all going on Randy’s float trip.
  • 1:16 – Check him out in the KC Improv Challenge at the Zona Rosa Improv on February 21.
  • 1:20 – Randy’s recipe for Chili is WAY better than my recipe for Chili.

Join us next week when we’ll have another show.. yanno.. with people..

Check out the video link above (will post by Tuesday morning) or catch our audio podcast on Stitcher Radio or iTunes.

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