It sounded like a good idea at the time. Let’s go out and record some of the sights and sounds of the Parkville “Christmas on the River” party held at  English Landing Park. It wasn’t. It was ass cold. It was below 15 degrees, the temperature at which Ivan’s balls lose their molecular integrity. We did visit some of the other crazy people who were out there as well including a gentleman who really gets to the detail on why it’s so cold right now. We spoke with some Masons about their turkey legs and even met the Mayor of Parkville and talked about stealing water.708b69b48a1fe7ceef82ac149e0ea9baf1a2b9aa

shapeimage_1We also talked with Stephen Thomas about his career, impersonating Joey Bishop, working the cruise ship circuit and being married for a long time.  He’s a great comedian and you should rush out and buy his album, Magic Wife Dust, from his website. A portion of the proceeds go to help our soldiers across the globe.

Finally, we catch up with one of the original Rambling Morons, my buddy Wheezy, and his favorite Vine folks. Wheezy recorded the original Rambling Morons podcast with me which never aired because it was entirely too stupid to listen to.  That didn’t stop me from recording more shows, however, and here we are.  Excited to have him back on in season 3 to talk about his short attention span.

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Thanks as always to the Isaac James Band for use of their songs in our show.


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  • Special thanks to the City of Parkville for letting us hang out and listen to some of the program.
  • The cheer squad was the Park Hill High School Cheer Squad The music at the beginning of our show and throughout is the Isaac James Band.
  • Stephen Thomas’s podcast “Here’s the Thing” is available here.


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