It is real, and it is spectacular – so goes Christmas in Platte City where the Rambling Morons get together on the night of the city’s yearly tree lighting ceremony. After the news of the week, Ivan and Chris go out on the street to talk to the citizens of Platte City asking them pertinent questions including “should stores stay open on Thanksgiving?” and “What do you think about the Yule log?”

We also have our very popular Week in Vine segment, this week featuring Woodsie and his popular character Bort! Woodsie shows us the best Vines he enjoys. We finish the show with sounds around the streets of Platte City on Christmas Tree Lighting Night – right out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

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Catch the episode below in video form, then audio form below.–Episode 20

Thanks for listening and make sure to tell two friends that you’re a moron!


Santiago Pinotepa Nacional buy stromectol online MUSIC:

  • The music at the end of the show was the Platte City Community Band with a wonderful street-side rendition of “Deck the Halls”
  • We also hear 2 Drunks and a Guitar with “Christmas is Over”
  • The music at the beginning of our show and throughout is the Isaac James Band.

indignantly VINES:

John Bergin



Heath Wilcock


And our featured guest, Woodsie!

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