I have a weird hobby. One minute, you’re talking with accomplished comedian Tom Farnan. The next minute, you’re talking with the Best Musician in Kansas City according to The Pitch, Clay Hughes. The next minute you’re wearing a bra and broadcasting it over the internet. Oh. And you’re eating cheetos.

I have a weird hobby.


01:00 – Laurie must’ve gotten into the system and added some videos to this setup. Not sure how the Rock Chalk chant got in here.

04:00 – Went straight to our interview with Los Angelino, and comedian, Tom Farnan. We talked about his career, his one-man show as alter-ego The Velvet Tom as well as the upcoming Oscars.

39:00 – Our interview with Clay Hughes, that was supposed to be in studio, but his car didn’t want to cooperate. We talked about him being named the Best Musician by The Pitch, his influences and his new album being recorded. Catch more of his upcoming gigs and his music at www.clayhughesmusic.com

50:00 – We closed our show with some sort of nonsense. Something about me wearing a bra. Honestly, you can skip this part of the show.

Catch the YouTube of the show (warning: Images of me in a bra are graphic and not for children or impressionable folks.) above. The audio of the show (which contains no unsuitable images) is below:



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One Response to Rambling Morons Podcast 14 – Tom Farnan, Clay Hughes and #CheetoInABra

  1. Easz88 says:

    Perhaps the most disturbing video I’ve ever see of @TheFakeNed — nope, probably not.

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