There are certain special episodes of television programs throughout history… The last episode of M*A*S*H, the first episode of LOST. The Saved By The Bell where that kid took drugs.

And so, we are proud to add this episode into the annals (giggle) of Internet history.

First of all, we had an amazing guest who was far too classy for these shenanagans, Mike McCartney, the PA Announcer for the Kansas City Royals. We also talked about the Super Bowl commercials and the passing of Whitney Houston.

And then.. it went off the rails as Laurie had to pay her MU/KU bet and eat a burrito… in a bra… Podcast. Gold.


  • 00:01 – #RIPWhitneyHouston – Our tribute
  • 00:03 – Laurie takes a stab at intro’ing the show. Probably the last time she’ll do that. She also refers to my name change from @FakeNedYost to @TheFakeNed. Have you heard?
  • 00:05 – Superbowl Commercials – Our Favorites
  • 00:12 – Next week… Nick Wright will be on the program. Probably wanna set the DVR for that.
  • 00:13 – Thanks to Soundtrack of the Week for me being on their show this week.
  • 00:14 – MU/KU Update
  • 00:15 – Facebook Theater… Valentine’s Day Edition…
  • 00:19 – Valentine’s Day Plans
  • 00:20 – Pinterest. We don’t know what it is either.
  • 00:23 – I fix a studio malfunction.
  • 00:25 – Fake Ned Minute – Spring Training Is Finally Here… and so are the cliche’s.
  • 00:27 – Mike McCartney Interview
  • 00:30 – Heeeerrrrreeeeeee comes WOODY!!
  • 00:31 – Becoming a voiceover guy… Whiskey and cigarettes.
  • 00:35 – The greatest job in the world
  • 00:37 – Kiss Cam stories
  • 00:40 – All Star Game talk
  • 00:43 – RIP Friends in Low Places
  • 00:44 – The Voice of the UMKC Kangaroos
  • 00:45 – Official Announcement – Fake Ned and Mike… Broadcast team
  • 00:48 – Burrito In A Bra recap
  • 00:49 – Video of the bet… in case Laurie gets any ideas…
  • 00:51 – Video confirmation that MU did, in fact, win.
  • 00:52 – Intro music for the bet
  • 00:54 – ………………… money.
  • 00:57 – Setup of the next MU/KU bet.  Underwear is again involved.

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