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neurontin 24 hour shipping to us A very rare event occurred Tuesday when both afternoon sport shows, Between The Lines from 810 and What’s Right from 610 broadcast from remote locations.  That’s not the rare event.  The rare event is that they were doing it from businesses next door to each other only 100 feet away.

http://drscottconsulting.com/online-marketing/recommendations-resources/ The fact was not lost on Nick Wright, the afternoon host on 610 Sports as earlier in the afternoon, he tweeted out:


So, right off the bat, you knew there was going to be some shit.  Nick has a long history of poking the bear that is WHB.

Nick started off his show with the following request of his listeners:

“Here’s something I want to do. If anyone can come down to Sportswear, etc., say hello and then walk down the sidewalk to Smoke & Fire and if you can get ‘Nick Wright’ of ‘610’ or ‘What’s Right’ or something like that audible on 810’s airwaves while my pal Kietz is broadcasting, I will do my very best to hook you up with some Royals or Sporting tickets. … If you potentially horribly rattle of distract my pal Kietzman by walking close to the broadcast booth and yelling ‘610’ or Nick Wright.”

He also promised that during the 5:00 hour (when his show is preempted for Royals baseball) that he would go next door and challenge Kietzman to a debate on issues they disagree on.

Reportedly only one fan went next door and was audibly heard on 810’s air and nothing out of the ordinary happened during 810’s 5:00 hour.

However, at least one 810 personality did want to engage in #RadioWars today showing that Nick’s claims were a lot of Smoke and not much Fire. (Wakka wakka)

But, even though there is virtually nothing positive to talk about in the KC Sports world, we do still have #RadioWars.

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