We’ve got an exclusive interview here at Rambling Morons with two legends of the Internet. Chris Kamler, famed Foursquare user and IT guru along with Internet Fan-lebrity “Fake Ned” both agreed to sit down with Rambling Morons to talk about the All-Star Game so far and how the City is doing.

Kamler is a notorious optimist and Pinterest user. Always glowing about his city and his team. Fake Ned is suffering from a miserable case of athletes’ foot.

What follows is an interview we held earlier this morning when Kamler was waking up and Ned was just going to bed after a night of drinking at Kelly’s Westport Inn.

Piastów Rambling Morons: Thank you both for agreeing to talk with us today. How do you think the City is doing hosting the All-Star Game?

Misoprostol purchase canada Chris Kamler: Thanks for having me, random internet blogger. I can’t tell you how impressed I’ve been with the City’s preparation of the All-Star Game. Downtown is sparkling.

Pointe-Noire Fake Ned: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Oh. Sorry. I thought Robinson Cano was here.

La Chapelle-sur-Erdre RM: You mentioned Downtown KC. What has caught your eye the most?

CK: We went down there on Saturday, before the heat broke and it was so nice. No orange cones. No construction. Streets were cleaned. It’s just a level of clean I’ve not seen from downtown and I work there every day.  Free trolleys. Just a great time.

FN: The reason it was so clean is because THERE WEREN’T ANY PEOPLE THERE because it was ONE HUNDRED AND SEVEN outside.

RM: Did you go to FanFest and what did you think?

CK: We did go to FanFest. I’ve got a bunch of pictures up on my Facebook Page. I loved seeing the trophies and the Halls of Fame for both MLB and the Negro Leagues were incredible.

FN: Parking: $15. Lines: 90 Minutes. Having Frank White tell you “No Autographs” when you come up to him in the bathroom: Priceless.

RM: Ned, you don’t seem to be embracing the spirit of All-Star Weekend. What’s your problem?

FN: That’s a clown question, bro. I’m dropping this here microphone and walking off. Oh. Wait. That’s already been done.

CK: I had a great time downtown. My goal was to try to get my son to fall in love with Kansas City this weekend. Instead, he fell in love with Katie Ferrell.

RM: What are your major takeaways from the Weekend so far?

CK: Too many to count, blogger. The cheers as we were running in the All-Star 5K (which was the most successful in the history of All-Star 5K’s). Seeing Barry Larkin giving a clinic at Fan Fest. Being retweeted by our Mayor Sly James. The success of the @VisitKC twitter feed answering questions of visitors and natives to Kansas City alike. Jay Mohr tearing the house down at the Midland. Oh, and sharing a sandwich at the Opera House in City Market with my Father, my Wife and my Son.

FN: Robinson Cano is a lying, cock-sucking douchebag. I’m sorry, what was the question?

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