There’s been a lot of talk about overpriced underperforming talent recently. Just this week, the Eagles signed Donovan McNabb to some crazy contract then we went out and laid a giant Daniel Snyder-sized turd on the 50 yard line on Monday Night Football. There’s the continual bitching about Matt Cassel here in Kansas City. He played a couple of games in New England when some guy named Brady was hurt, then got a big contract with the Chiefs and promptly went out and won 4 games the next year.

Friends, you can’t hold a candle to the Royals and buying something past its shelf life. Dayton Moore would buy 3 day old milk for $10 if he could. And it goes back decades. Ever heard of Mark and Storm Davis?? Mike Sweeney??

And we have done the least with the most, too. Past managers, including myself, are given classes when we become the Royals manager on proper etiquette for killing spirit and how to sap the life out of a program.

My point is that the Royals were the Redskins long before Daniel Snyder. We had Avron Fogelman!!!

But hey, at least we’re not the Yankees. Er. Well…

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