UPDATED – SEE BELOW The North Kansas City School District, of which I am an alum and a tax payer for, has decided to have school on Tuesday – the same day as the Kansas City Royals Championship parade.

Hey, that’s fine. I recognize that not everyone can get off work and attend the parade and that school serves a purpose of giving children a place to go. It’s also fine that NKC Schools are choosing to do this in the face of dozens of other local school districts that have chosen to close facing high attendance call-out rates. But man, let’s dial down the “holier than thou” “children need to be educated” rhetoric just a little bit. This is a defining moment for Kansas City – one that hasn’t happened in 30 years and one that can set a tone for decades to come. The District has even gone so far as to threaten a dock of pay for any staff that calls out tomorrow. If that’s going to be such an issue, just cancel school! Sitting in a classroom reading a textbook when history is literally happening around you has never held a lot of water with me. You know where I and my child will be tomorrow. Regardless, if you enjoy a good, old fashioned Facebook meltdown, check out the Facebook page for NKC Schools. Wear sunglasses. The takes are hot.NKCPay Welp – After this article and many others were quoted and after about an hour of flipping around Social Media, the NKC School District said the following:


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