So, I have eluded to this a few times on social networking, but wanted to make it official. I’m getting into the radio business!

The project is an all Kansas City Sports Station through a service called Our City Radio. Our City Radio is just getting off the ground, but the idea is unique and pretty awesome. Local bands. Local artists. Local stories. All for free.

The music stations will highlight local, unsigned bands who can upload their music to our site completely free. We would also do band interviews and really just provide a forum to highlight these great local bands that are getting passed up by the corporate radio machine.

Main LogoSports Talk in this down is going down that same road. I’ve written extensively about it on this site. You get 12 hours a day of the same MU, Chiefs and Jayhawks updates, but 2 minutes in a year about the National Champion Northwest Missouri State Bearcats. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Stories from smaller colleges like Avila and UMKC and Park. Have you ever heard them on conglomo sports talk?  Well, you will on Kansas City’s Our City Radio Sports Channel.

The station will be supported by ads from businesses and supporters, but the content will be completely free and untethered by rights contracts and exclusive deals. If there’s a story out there, I want to hear about it and want to talk about it on the station. That means Royals, Chiefs, Sporting KC, Colleges, High School and Club Teams. Get at me. Let’s tell that story.

This has the opportunity to be extremely unique in the area and because the national network is geared so much towards music, they’ve kind of let me build this out however I want it. That means it’ll be a little bit awesome and probably a lot goofy. That’s okay. That fits the footprint of being a Kansas City Fan.

The site should go live in the next few weeks.

Now, I hate for my first post about this project to be asking a favor – but it is.  Our City Radio has been building over the past year and we’ve reached a critical point in their buildout. In order for my station and many others like it to go live, OCR has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to help get their funding over the hump.  This will eventually be a paying gig for me and my interest in getting them over their goal is obvious. But it should also be obvious to you who want to hear more than just the same lineups and grilling segments that our local stations have become. We want the real picture of sports in KC.

Please take a few minutes to visit the IndieGoGo site and if you can donate $10 or $20 or $100, please do.

This is as grass roots as it gets. In return, I will personally make sure you are thanked on behalf of the Sports Talk revolution here in Kansas City. Please send me your contact information and we’ll make it happen.

So… there it is… The Rambling Moron is moving into the Sports Talk game… Putting my money where my big mouth is… God help us all.

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