Nick picked the wrong weekend to go on vacation. On the heels of Tuesday’s inflamatory comments about a youth official, Nick got more bad news Wednesday when his good friend and Royals Hall of Famer, Frank White showed up in the studios of Union Broadcasting. Frank went on Between the Lines with Kevin Kietzman for an extended interview (which can be found here). You’ll recall back in December that the day after his very public separation from the Royals Television broadcasts, he went on Nick Wright’s afternoon show to tell an incredible account of his turmoil with the Royals. That entire interview can be found here. For Wright, this coup was one of the highlights of his show last year.

During the interview, Nick mentioned his long friendship with Frank and thanked him for choosing Nick’s show exclusively.

Since the divorce went final, Frank has become a coach with the Kansas City T-Bones and has also been seen around Kansas City. He received a standing ovation at the YMCA Challenge Your Fashion event last month which I attended, for instance.

So, it must’ve come as quite a shock to Nick when his buddy showed up on WHB. Kietzman conducted a long interview which touched on the current Royals and focused mainly on the dust-up with Royals brass. Frank told basically the same story he told Nick, but also mentioned that since last month, nobody from the Royals management has contacted him. Not surprising, but certainly noteworthy.

Furthermore, WHB announced that Frank will become an “On-Air Analyst” for 810 during their Royals coverage this year.

BOOM. 610, you just got smoked.

Regardless of what you think of Kietz’s show, you have to admit, this is a brilliant strategical move.  For those of us who enjoyed Frank’s knowledge of the game, this will be a destination for pre and post-game analysis. The chess game between the two sports talk stations continues to play out.

I’m interested in seeing how that pans out.

Bad week for Nick. Hey, just by the way, our guest on the Rambling Morons Podcast on Sunday, February 19 is… Nick Wright… You probably don’t want to miss that one…

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3 Responses to More Bad News For Nick Wright, KK Strikes Him Out

  1. Easz88 says:

    I know you’re big on Frank White, and…frankly… I’m a fan of his… as a player. Did I enjoy some of the information he brought on air? Sure, some of that was nice to know. Lets be honest though, I get more information from other sources that are much more, how do I say it, from my level?

    I am not a professional (at anything but being an asshole that is) and when I get information, I want to see it from a standpoint close to mine. I don’t know that Frank always did that.

    So is it interesting he went to 810… meh, maybe it’s just showing his maturity? The whole “You pushed me down, now I’m gonna push you down.” Grade school BS.

    I don’t know about this new guy they’re talking about brining, but hey, if he can do the shit on video games, it’s good enough. Lord knows I listened to enough of the announcer on MLB11 saying, “I don’t know what they’re doing letting this guy steal, but it’s gotta stop.”

    #WooFrankWhite #WooNickWright

    #Sarcasm – Say it! Don’t Spray it!

  2. Chris Getz! says:

    What Chris wants, Chris Getz!

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