buy neurontin no prescription Being a blogger or reporter is hard. Sometimes you look to the end of the year with a desire to check out, turn off your phone and just relax the typing fingers. Thus was invented the Year-End Top Ten list.  That article you can be working on weeks in advance and only make small tweaks to on the deadline day. Then you can take the week between Christmas and New Year’s off.

neurontin 300mg warnings You’ll get no such laziness from me.  Well… sort of.  I present to you the Top 10 Year-End Top Ten Lists:

Balasore 10. Top Five Royals Moments He Witnessed - This list is just a “top 5” but I liked the idea. From our friends at
9. Best of Off The Couch – Greg Hall’s website should be one you check daily. But if you don’t, the series he puts out this week is great to check out his “best” through the year. It’s been a fairly busy year in Kansas City sports, don’t you think?
8. SNL’s Top 5 Most Popular Videos – If you’re like me, you’re watching less and less TV. And if you’re old like me, you don’t stay up for Saturday Night Live anymore. Here’s where Hulu comes in. You can save watching the crappy skits and catch the top 5 here.
7. Who Won 2012? – Well, this one is at least a little more clever. This is a Grantland column that makes a 64-event bracket on what the best story of 2012 was. Points for creativity.
6. Notable Entertainment Deaths – Aaahh, the yearly “In Memoriam” list. And the inevitable, “he DIED this year?” or “They forgot ______.”
5. Top Apps, Movies and Music for Android – When I think of people in a position to rank pop culture, I turn to Smartphone owners. What… you don’t?
4. Top YouTube Videos – Huff Post, always the leader in formulaic articles, has pumped out this list of videos by doing a google search.
3. Listverse – If you absolutely, positively have to have everything in a list, you are either a columnist for Bleacher Report, or you are a frequent visitor to Listverse. You want a random list? This is the place.
2. Top 10 of Everything – Another one with points for creativity. This includes the top everything. I guess that’s when the editorial staff can’t agree on the topic of the Top 10 list.
1. TKC Power Rankings for 2012 – Tony’s Kansas City pumps out more news in a day than most of us could read in a month. One of his weekly articles is the “Power Ranking” of the best and most influential in KC. This is his year wrap-up. Special props to Ivan Foley of the Platte County Landmark for making the list.

Well, there you go. A list of lists is always great. Maybe this list will end up on a Best List of Lists for 2012. I guess I’ll find out when some reporter is on deadline and has drank too much on New Year’s Eve 2013.

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