You’ve heard the old nursery rhyme, “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but names will never hurt you.” The thinking is that nothing you can say should have any impact to your attitude. So why are secrets so powerful? Especially in sports. If you know a secret about the other team, is that really a weapon? Of course. If you know the quarterback is nursing an ankle injury, of course you’re going to capitalize on that.  Whether there’s a bounty or not. My point to all this is that secrets are kept all the time, but what is the real impact when secrets get out? A little scandle? You are a little more vulnerable? Maybe cry in your pillow for a day or two?

Two weeks ago, Nick Wright, the afternoon host at 610, let out a doozy. He dropped one of two atomic bombs in the KC Sports Culture. The majority of the transcript is here. But, to summarize, he was calling out local hypocracy about outrage over the Bobby Petrino scandal in Arkansas. Nick pulled no punches and called out Kevin Kietzman for his criticism of Petrino after being found after a traffic accident with a Betty on the back of his hog.

Wright, as quoted by Greg Hall said, “It is a long-held belief that Kevin Kietzman was caught by the cops in a precarious sexual position with a lady he was not married to who worked for him, it is somewhat awkward when then that same person talks about the cops catching Bobby Petrino with a women he’s not married to in a somewhat awkward position.”


There had long been whispers about the “event,” but Nick went ahead and put it out there.

Did it have any impact?  Not from where I’m sitting. Kietz is still doing his show.  Nick is still doing his show.  People still cheat on their spouses and the #RadioWars is still going strong.

So, what other long-held Kansas City sports secrets can we put out there?  I think it should be a public service.

Anything?? <cough, cough> Tanners??

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2 Responses to Let The Secrets Out

  1. Kansas City Sports Fan says:

    It was Nick’s girlfriend that KK got “caught with”, that’s how he knows the details. Get over it already Nick, you’re engaged now. KK is not putting her in sexual positions any longer.

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