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Kyakhta As we mentioned in the previous post, we’re compiling a list of the best ideas on what to do to make the KC All-Star Game in 2012 more unique and amazing as well as spotlight Kansas City for all the richness that we’ve got.

What follows is a currently incomplete list of ideas from the #KCASGIdeas feed on twitter as well as the Google+ Post on Fake Ned’s G+ account.

I’ve removed those ideas that were of a comical nature, and those that simply couldn’t be done with no money. Ideas such as murdering Tim Scott, blowing up the Denny’s and letting Don Denkinger throw out the first pitch, while both comical and cost-prohibitive have also been removed. Those that I couldn’t tell if you were full of shit or not, have been included.

The plan is to keep this list going until Thursday, after the Arizona All-Star Game festivities and work to a list of 10 best ideas. I’ll be happy to formally present them to the Royals – hopefully by the weekend.

CURRENT LIST AS OF 10:00 AM Sunday Night.

  • @FakeNedYost: Tom Watson putts the first pitch
  • @FakeNedYost: No “Friends in Low Places”
  • @FakeNedYost: Paul McCartney sings “Kansas City/Hey, Hey, Hey” at Pregame
  • @CravenMorhead: Burnt Ends Eating Contest
  • @CravenMorhead: Teams wear Negro Leagues Uni’s during HR Derby
  • @GetNickWright: Bring all living Negro League legends in for Fenway-style reunion
  • @FakeNedYost: Buck’s Seat will sit empty
  • @FakeNedYost: Jackie Robinson’s Widow sits in Buck’s Seat
  • @yoohoo42: Bring Rachel Robinson to game to honor Jackie, Buck O’Neill, the Monarchs, and the Negro League Museum. #KCASGIdeas
  • @TopCityRoyal: Use each All-Star’s Home intro music and video/announcer
  • @MicahCornett: #Royals need to highlight the fountains w/ extra lights, display at The K as a #KCASGIdeas
  • @yoohoo42: Bring back the Left Field and Right Field GA seats from back in the day. Avg Joes should be able to watch this game. #KCASGIdeas
  • @yoohoo42: Every KC Jazz Great should be on-hand for the greatest Jazz National Anthem. Pay homage to our heritage. #KCASGIdeas
  • @FakeNedYost:  39th Street Cobras (Or Whatever They’re Called Now) Do portion of pregame show.
  • @mojiepobblecock: #KCASGIdeas BBQ contest /tailgating contest.
  • @FakeNedYost: Arrowhead should be opened to public to watch #ASG on the Video Boards.
  • @yoohoo42: make transportation to game easy for players/media/visitors. MANY Shuttles from downtown.
  • @FakeNedYost: First pitches from Lenny Dawson, Tom Watson, Brett and Bo Jackson
  • @FakeNedYost: Entire Whiteman AFB invited. Stealth Bombers overhead flyover.
  • @yoohoo42: Double-header with afternoon KC Sporting Game…I’m not a soccer fan, but that’s a sweet venue to show the world.
  • @FakeNedYost: Misty Mae Treanor MUST be in the Celebrity Softball Game.
  • @KCKing2: Screw the gold balls in the derby. Charity money for every fountain shot.
  • @Yoohoo42: Have pregame concert at Arrowhead at 4 PM. Avoids major traffic & adds value to A.H. ticket. 100 A.H. fans get free K ticket.
  • @FakeNedYost: BBQ Contest on one of the weekend days. Ala American Royal BBQ Contest. ALL KC BBQ joints to attend.
  • @MonicaDien: The National Anthem on saxophone, paying tribute to the 18th & Vine.
  • @yoohoo42: The Plaza turns on the Christmas lights in the summertime
  • @justacoolchick: Blue water in all of the city fountains.
  • @yoohoo42: Sprint should have the cash to wrap 200 buses & offer free rides from P&L to the K. Good marketing spend.
  • @Detroit_Derek: Hot dog derby replaced by BBQ derby race. Bottles of Gates, Bryants, OK Joes, and Jack Stack. Winner becomes bbq mvp.
  • @robbratney: Arthur Bryant’s/Gates/OK Joe’s get stands around the stadium.
  • @robbratney: Deals on Boulevard Beer Pale Ale and Wheat. Sold in commemorative KC ASG + Boulevard cups
  • @bradkporter: Don Cheadle appears in & narrates video on history of baseball in KC – Monarchs, Blues, A’s, Royals, great players
  • @bradkporter: Paul Rudd, Jason Sudekis, and Rob Riggle do a “tips for tourists” piece. Serious tips with a little comedy.
  • @TweetsByVamosi: everything is in the #Royals cursive script and workout day hats have AL inside the crown like current logo has KC
  • @ronhostetter: The Rainmakers perform “God Bless America” in the 7th
  • @bradkporter: George Wendt, Rockhurst College grad, does a “Welcome to Kansas City – where everybody really DOES know your name.”
  • @GetWrickNight: Have watch parties at Live Strong Sporting Park, Comminity America Ball Park as well as P&L & Arrowhead watch parties!
  • @FakeNedYost: Can have series of concerts at LSP/P&L/Sandstone – help from all local radio stations with artists.
  • +Brad O’Bryhim– I’d like to see us locals get organized with pep rallies around the city, NOT just in P&L. Spread it around to the different districts in the city.
  • +Gavin Fritton – I think introducing the world to the Buck O’Neil Legacy Seat would be great. Find someone of national consequence who should sit there for the game.
  • +Eric Shoemaker – It has been my hope that for the ASG of 2012 in KC, that they bring the history and future of the game in KC to the forefront of people’s minds. The Negro League Museum needs to be a large focus of the weeks events and not an afterthought. A focus on technology and the way that fans are interacting with players, teams and the game is also a must.
  • +Jeremy Lee – We need to get the bus routes up and running from all major locations, downtown, Plaza, Westport, 75th and Warnell. They need to run hours before all events and run every 15 minutes to and from the K.
  • @FakeNedYost: The @MLBFanCave needs to be in Kansas City in 2012. Could be housed in portion of P&L or College Basketball Exp.
If I’ve missed any, throw them in the comments section, on Google+ or Twitter under the #KCASGIdeas hash.
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7 Responses to KC All-Star Game Suggestions

  1. dpowensj says:

    Promote round the clock tailgating, with the regular presence of Arthur Bryants, Gates, etc. Highlight the great fan culture that exists at the Truman Sports Complex.

  2. Easz88 says:

    A’la Sam Mellinger: where to buy gabapentin online Don’t yell CHIEFS at the end of the national anthem like a bunch of F#CKTARDS, IDIOTS, REDNECKS, ETC.

    It’s a baseball game for crying out loud, the Chefs have nothing to do with it.

  3. AJ Gabriel says:

    KC should pay homage to the players who were at the last ASG in KC in 1973. I believe there were 18 Hall of Fame players in the game. Amos Otis and John Mayberry started for the AL. It was Willie Mays’ 25th and final ASG.

  4. […] With Kansas City getting the All-Star Game in 2012, Chris Kamler (who you know as @fakenedyost on Twitter) has come up with suggestions – and is asking for yours as well – to make it a meaningful event. […]

  5. kal says:

    All these ideas sound great, but I have no faith that this city or organization will put anything into action. One thing in common with the city and the organization…bozos are in charge and have been for many years.

  6. Chris says:

    Why not incorporate some kind of a ‘meeting of the minds’ of sabermetrical analysis as Bill James and Rob Neyer play host to a small symposium in the lead up to the game. Hey, egg heads like me spend money too.

    Nice inclusion of Whiteman AFB, but don’t overlook Fort Riley, KS. Literally thousands of soldiers who have seen recent combat live in close proximity to KC, lets show some class and give some credit. ASG weekend has historically been practically synonymous with the 4th of July weekend for many families (particularly in the midwest).

    Am a big big fan of the barbeque and Boulevard ideas as well as the pregame concert at Arrowhead. Other giveaways could easily include family packages to Worlds/Oceans of Fun and Silver Dollar City (Branson, MO). Not to mention the area racetracks — Kansas Speedway, Lakeside Speedway, and I-70 Speedway. Perhaps a tribute of some sort to Joplin, MO. The casinos would likely put up some big bucks for inclusion/naming rights as well.

    The incorporation with the Negro League Museum is a splendid opportunity to bring attention at the national level.

    Perhaps schedule some LL or American Legion games to be played on center stage as the week leads to the ASG. Get ESPN on board to create a pseudo-tournament locally that could easily be carried on for years; if not nationally, then locally.

    I think many of the ideas mentioned could work, so long as they are clearly secondary to ASG itself. And give away lots of AL jerseys so that the STL freaks don’t overwhelm the area with NL crap!

    @Fakenedyost Great job!

  7. Easz88 says:

    Sir, I believe your weekend has come and gone – what happened to the top 10?…someone has been into the “medicine cabinet” again.

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