I fully recognize that using the term “War” throws shame and insult to those who are actually fighting real wars, but “Radio Showdown” seems trite. So indulge me.

It’s already been an interesting campaign. Since my “Open Letter” which was a small snowball traveling down a hill, we’ve seen a flip in the station ratings, two on-air responses to my letter, a rash of press releases, a publicity stunt and lines are being more defined.

After the first week an a half, the leader at the turn appeared to be Nick Wright and 610 Sports. They had a new found momentum, Kietzman was backpedaling on his cookie diet nonsense and a storm was a’brewin.

Fuckers. Today was supposed to be about ME!

And then Monday happened…

Monday was supposed to be a “slow” news day. With the Royals on an off day, that usually means cookie diets and “Should Pete Rose be in the Hall of Fame” nonsense from sports talk radio. Not today.

File this under “I thought this was a good idea at the time,” but Nick Wright got a call during his 5:00 hour from none other than Jason Whitlock who “was bored” and “just wanted to talk”. Whoops.

What happened was categorized by some as a woodshed moment. Some notable quotes from “the asswhooping”:

http://parkfarmshoot.co.uk/2013/12/ Jason Whitlock: “My media schtick, if I have one, is total media transparency. I’m not insecure about my weaknesses and my flaws. You need to get there. I think you have some talent. But transparency and self-confidence and self-awareness, I think you struggle with.”

http://norskerflyfishing.com/rejseprogram/rejseprogram-2019/2016-summer-steelhead-coho-og-chinook-salmon-vancouver-island-bc/ Nick Wright: “Well let’s talk about that…” (Bad move, Nick.)

http://goodreadbiography.com/wp-json/wp/v2/categories/57 The psychoanalysis continued…

NW: “What am I transparent about?”

JW: “You’ve got to be aware of who you are.”

NW: “And who’s that?”

JW” “Well, as best I can tell, you’re a white kid from Bishop-Miege high school?”

NW: “No, it’s even more embarrassing than that.”

JW: “And you need to be ‘that guy’.”

Nick tried to stop the skid and change the topic of conversation to JW’s “blackness.”

NW: “Don’t you think that the same way you judge me as a white kid from a private school and you assume that I need to play some role…”

JW: “Nick, there’s no one who listens to your show that can’t see that you’re uncomfortable with who you really are.”

There is no reason to put this picture here.

And it just went downhill from there, if that’s possible.  The psychoanalysis continued for 20 more minutes. Whitlock pummeled him from inside his brain. He categorized Nick as a Whitlock wannabe. And said he simply wasn’t performing up to the task of carrying his jockstrap. He called Nick’s personality “an act.”

He said picking fights with Whitlock “who you aspire to be” is a “mistake.” Then they literally argued for about 10 minutes about which person is more of a dick on the radio or off the air.

Nick then took to twitter to defend/sulk/fight simply like the guy you got punched in the nose in a bar, then wanted to take it out on someone in the parking lot.  He started a twitter fight with Greg Hall:

@getnickwright: “For real tho, if you want to be a respected KC media critic, evidently you need to have a nonexistent media career and then develop software” (A shot at Greg Hall who’s day job is developing software.)

@getnickwright: “@greghall24 yall can pass your judgements all you want… it’s based on 2 things- my race and the neighborhood i grew up in. simpleminded”

@hamdogg wrote “@getnickwright you come off bitter man. Not a good look for you.”

@getnickwright “@hamdogg fair point.”

In summary, I’ve listened to the interview twice and it simply seems like a giant black hole ego in Whitlock (no pun intended) simply swallowed up a smaller black hole ego in Wright. There is a LOT of unresolved shit between the two of those guys.  But Jason managed to get so wrapped around Nick’s mind in this half-hour that it might be hard to simply walk off the next morning. It was a mind-fuck that was both entertaining to listen to, and disturbing when you think of how hard many of those punches landed.

I can tell you that Nick will never win the war against 810 if he’s still fighting the past.

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4 Responses to Kansas City Radio Wars… Day 12

  1. Jess says:

    Wow, Sounds like the interview was a beat down. But Nick going after Greg Hall after was a bitch move. Was he mentioned by Whitlock or something? Or was it just like you said, he got the boots put to him and needed to vent on the first white guy he came to.

  2. Brian (Indep., MO) says:

    Didn’t seem like a beatdown to me. Jason couldn’t defend any accusation he made.

  3. hammy says:

    I feel so honored to be quoted by FNY. Like a dream come true.

  4. Steve says:

    A beatdown hardly. Nick served this KC Stalker more times than he’s been served at gates. KC needs a restraining order against this dude. He won’t ever go away, he is no
    Prized possession in LA. Obviously his size and ego have one thing in common, there’s just not enough space for both.

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