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Hey Jim… come on in. Have a seat. Please close the door.

Well, Jim. You’ve been in Kansas City for a long time. We remember the tour stops. Remember when you started decades ago on Hot Talk 1510? Then over to 810, then 610? Man. Those were the days, right? There was no better voice with a goatee in town.

Remember all the “Smack Off’s”? The Tour Stops? I remember being on your show once. Yeah. I actually called in and mumbled and got the buzzer.  Remember all those guests, all those faxes? Do you even remember faxes? Good times… good times…

Yeah. About that.

Well, Jim. Days like these are some of the hardest in the world of blogging sports talk.  You see, we’ve decided to make a change.

Yeah. Turns out that today is your last day on the air in Kansas City.

No. I don’t have any details for you. Yeah. We’re replacing you with some guy named Danny Parkins.

No. Jim. That’s not polite to call him a human praying mantis. That’s not polite at all.  Yeah. His co-host is Carrington Harrison. No. Jim. That’s very rude. His name does kind of sound like a pimp name, but to say it out loud is extremely rude.

Okay. I can see you’re not taking this very well.  Well, for starters, you threw that lamp across the room and are attempting to strangle my secretary.

Okay. Well, here’s a box for your stuff. Go ahead and clean up all those horse racing magazines. They’re really cluttering up the place.

Good luck in your future endeavors. Okay. Telling me to fuck off out the door is just a little rude.

I. Am. Out.

Rack me.

2 Responses to Jim Rome’s Final Day in Kansas City

  1. jon says:

    jim rome is nationally syndicated because his show is entertaining. danny perkins will never be syndicated very simply because he has no entertainment value nor is he a likeable person. more local rehash – gag. kiss of death for a station that is barely hanging on… I hope 810 picks him up.. but something tells me their local guy egos will block him as well.. but the ratings drop will act as the scoreboard and fix this mess!

  2. Charlie Nichols says:

    We knew that this day was coming. 610 snipped and chopped off bits of Rome’s show every week. They were just looking for an excuse to cut off Rome just so they could not only hear themselves yipp and yapp all day, but so they’d drag us along with them. My hope is that Union Broadcasting and Chad Boeger would bring him back. Put Rome on 1510 where he started back in 1998. I’m just afraid though K.C. will be jipped out of a smack-off and this move will come too late to really matter.

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