Every year, the Royals host several famous Kansas City comedians back from Hollywood to make with the funny and raise some money for charity. (Poetry unintended.) One of those is Mr. Olivia Wilde, aka Jason Sudeikis. Sudeiekis, along with Paul Rudd, George Wendt and even Johnny Knoxville hosted a celebrity whiffle ball game before the game and then also threw out the first pitch.

As has been tradition for the past several years, the celebrities are also treated to one of the dugout suites where, presumably, they are treated to free food and beverages. Well, one might imagine how many sheets to the wind some of the celebs are by the middle of the 7th Inning when Jason Sudeikis and friends were asked to sing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” which, frankly, was a little pitchy.

However, while Paul Rudd stayed around to make a plea to fans to donate to their charity, Childrens’ Mercy Hospital, Sudeikis began to wander towards Cardinals first baseman, Matt Carpenter. Sudeikis began to walk very close to him while he was fielding infield grounders between innings. He went so far as to be inches away from the first baseman. No idea what was said, but it looked like some razzing was occurring.

Watching all of this, was First Base Umpire Rob Drake who began shooing Sudeikis away rather emphatically.

The celebrities quickly got together again for a quick picture, then Sudeikis wandered back to first again, and again drew the ire of Drake.

Following the half inning, Drake stared into the First Base dugout suite for the next inning and a half. While my seats were shitty, I did notice that he wouldn’t stop staring into the suite.

During the 9th, however, Drake briefly posed with a “thumbs up” for a photographer inside the dugout suite, so my guess is that all was fine.

One thing is for certain, that was the most entertaining part of the 11-4 Royals loss.

While my iPhone camera didn’t do it justice, here’s a look at Drake staring Sudeikis down in the 8th Inning.

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  1. W Jones says:

    There was a question mark at the end of your title so I will answer. No.

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