This interview excerpt was from May 10, 2012 on the Kansas City Baseball Vault featuring Mike Hershberger. Mike appeared on KCBBV radio program on May 10, 2012. Mike joined Chris Kamler and Jeff Logan of the Kansas City Baseball Historical Society along with the guys from the KC Baseball Vault podcast, Troy Olsen, Michael Engel and Jeff Herr.

Mike was a member of the Kansas City A’s from 1965-67 and during that time he was the leader in Outfield Assists during that time as he roamed the outfield at old Municipal Stadium. We spoke with Mike about his time in Kansas City and playing for the controversial owner, Charlie Finley. Shortly after this interview, Mike passed away and we were privileged to talk to him about his times in the Major Leagues.

Don’t forget to catch The Ballgame on ESPN 1510 AM and The Kansas City Baseball Vault Podcast at and catch all our work at Now here’s our interview with former Kansas City A, the late Mike Hersberger.

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