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buy gabapentin 100mg uk Kansas City’s psyche has been a big topic of conversation on the airwaves the past week. I started a conversation with @KC_SportsRadio tonight on twitter when he blasted out the following:

@KC_SportsRadio: “I cringe at the thought of KC hosting the All-star game next year. #MinorLeagueBallParkForTheNationToSee

He went on to call a Kansas City All-Star Game “Omaha 2.0”

I’ve followed @KC_SportsRadio for a number of months and I was curious as why so suddenly he was claiming our All Star Game would suck.

Kauffman Stadium is an amazing stadium – and only one-half of the Truman Sports Complex. Sure, there are other and probably better ideas out there, downtown, etc. But for 2012, we’ve still got an amazing venue to spotlight what’s great about Kansas City. To just piss, groan and assume it’s going to be horseshit is shameful.

My theory is that with well over a year before our All-Star Game, if it’s within jeopardy of being a laughing stock or “sucking” then it’s nobody’s fault but our own.

No, we can’t do anything about I-70 outside the Centerfield wall, or the Denny’s or the Vatterott College. But so what? What ideas has HE put forth? What ideas have ANY of us put forth?

Well, let’s document those ideas. With no expectation of reward. Let’s do this for Kansas City. So, the next post will be a list of ideas what we’ll formalize and vote on on Wednesday after we have seen how Arizona has done.

If the All-Star Game in Kansas City sucks, we’ll have only ourselves to blame.

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