It’s no secret that 610 Sports is looking for a way to get ahead of Sports Radio 810.  610 has one key advantage coming up, they are the Flagship of the Royals Radio Network and carry all the games. Last year, this propelled them ahead of 810 in the ratings for the first time in forever.

Look At This But that lead was short lived as Chiefs season came around and 810 once again pole vaulted 610 to take their normal place atop the ratings.

Soba Will simply having the Royals games be enough to put 610 back on top?  It’s not likely. 810 is already taking steps to make sure they don’t lose too much of the lead by signing up Frank White as their Royals analyst.

Sure, we will listen to the Royals on Radio on 610, but pre and post (where Entercom will keep more of their money) it’s likely that listenership will fade as we go to 810.

610 needs to shake it up again.  They need to kill Jim Rome and go “live and local” all day… like 810.

One of the worst kept secrets around is that 610 is grooming a live and local lineup. They have given greater exposure to producers Mark Carman, Carrington Harrison and Jared Carter as well as Royals analyst Robert Ford. Those three producers have hosted a night show, they have also co-hosted the Danny Parkins show as well as increased thier exposure on Nick Wright’s afternoon show.

According to the last ratings books, KCSP is getting about half the listenership currently as WHB. I’m no ratings expert, but I’m pretty sure getting consistently p0wned like that is bad. Time to shake some shit up.

The only thing left to be done is cut the head off of the snake that is Jim Rome.

That’s easier said than done. Jim’s show is the giant ball of shit that is the tar pit in the middle of 610’s programming day. It’s on from 11-2, it forces Danny Parkins’ show into a strange slot and provides no lead in to Nick Wright’s show.

When KILT 610 in Houston attempted to kill the beast, Jim went on a days-long rant about Houston and the affiliate.

When Sports Radio 810 dumped Rome several years ago, I recall a similar blast from Rome.

The best way, it seems, to dump Rome is to just sack up and dump him. Let him cry like a baby and move on.

Rome has just changed over his media allegiance from ESPN to CBS Sports. He will now be part of Sunday football and March Madness coverage, so his star seems to be on the rise, but in talking with many friends of mine, the issue simply is that “his act is tired.” The takes. The callers. The long… pauses… The vernacular. It’s all just gotten old here and needs to go.

With the Royals on the rise, the Chiefs in flames, Mizzou to hillbilly country – there’s going to be PLENTY of local topics to fill Sports Talk without his interviews with horses and NASCAR drivers.

ESPECIALLY if some of the new talent at 610 can drop so much of the towel-snapping and remain creative and fresh. THAT is how you’re going to beat 810. Not just spending 2 more hours busting balls on your buddies.

So, does KCSP have what it takes to dump Jim Rome and promote the JV squad?

It seems like the right time to revoke the welcome of the jungle.

War Our Time. I. Am. OUUUUUUUTTTT.

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