UPDATE (1/12/12) - Just spoke with @KCCauldron and I’ll be giving that $100 to Bishop Sullivan Center who works with #CountryBreakfast on the Hit it a Ton charity. Great charity. Great guys at the Cauldron. I’ll update here when the check is written and in the mail. Anyone who decides to match or make any other donation will also be featured in this blog and on twitter.

UPDATE 2 (1/18/12) – Paid Bishop Sullivan’s Hit it a Ton charity $125 today (which got me a Billy Butler autographed baseball) and talked to Ivan Foley at the Platte County Landmark who also matched by $100 challenge and who sent his check this week.


And now.. the story of how all this got started…

This is a story about a sick day, Bonnie Bernstein and $100. Oh. And another example of the power of Social Media.

So, yesterday, Nick Wright mentioned my friend Troy Olsen on his show and, more importantly, his podcast, Royalman Report.

Today, I was home sick and flipping around channels on the TV. Once I stopped ogling Bonnie Bernstein filling in for Dan Patrick, the TV stopped on ESPN2, where there was the MLS Soccer “Super Draft.” (First of all, I recognize no “draft” if it doesn’t include phones made out of helmets or soccer balls or whatever.)

So, feeling a little jealous that Troy gets mentioned by a major media person, and knowing that the Super Draft was being held in Kansas City, and knowing that the rabid Sporting KC fan base The KC Cauldron was out there, I put out a tweet saying that I would pay $100 to a charity of the Cauldron’s choice if I could hear a FAKE NED YOST chant on ESPN2.

Within about 3 minutes, this happened…

So, KC Cauldron, I owe you $100. Well played, boys.

Your move, Olsen.

3 Responses to How I Lost $100 by Getting on ESPN2

  1. Easz88 says:

    Now >THAT’S< funny.

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  3. […] actually covered an Omaha Storm Chasers game as a credentialed reporter. My Twitter handle was chanted on ESPN2 and I had a Minor League Manager attempt to talk me out of posting a video on the internet for fear […]

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