Tougué This seems as good of a forum as any to get the word out on a couple of projects (since it is my blog, duh) and tease something big to come.

  • I’m going to put the Rambling Morons podcast on the shelf for a little while – likely until the Fall.  Yes. This means I’m technically firing Laurie “Don’t Call Me Zooey” Jenn.  Yes, this also means that our last podcast was the one where she beat my ass at the Twitter contest.  No, the two incidents aren’t related.**  The podcast WILL be back.  And I’ll have Laurie back if she hasn’t gone off and made Llama babies.
  • Laurie and I will have our final bow (for a while) Friday, May 5 when we co-host the Royalman Report at Sprint Center.  Why will we be at Sprint Center you ask?
  • Fake Ned (that’s me you knuckleheads) will be participating in the Media Flag Football game during halftime of the KC Command Arena Football Game.  I’ve still got a couple of tickets left for $10 if you want them, get at me.  If you want to buy a suite, or an entire section to come watch me beat the asses of the elitist media of Kansas City, click HERE and call this guy and give him lots of money for tickets.  The whole thing sounds like a blast and for some reason, I’ve managed to pull the wool over someone’s eyes that I’m “media.”  Maybe after I whoop some ass in the game, I’ll take over Karen Kornacki’s job or something.  Not exactly sure how that works, but I know I’m giving Nick Wright the biggest stiff-arm in the history of flag football.
  • Finally, keep an eye HERE for something big that will be announced next week.  It will be announced on twitter first and it’s going to be big.  Not just for me, but for this entire twitter community that we’ve formed.  Or maybe it’ll just be a way to sell you some AMWAY. So, that’s it for me, what’s up with you?


Mentekab *Incidents are likely related. 

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