527945_10150946010086925_1545582583_nThere’s something happening in Kansas City and it’s not just on the baseball field. It is in living rooms and bars and on tablets and phones and laptops. Kansas City fans have awakened and are now unequivocally part of the story.

I want to help tell that story.

I have applied to speak about the social media awakening that has happened in Kansas City at the South by Southwest Festival – Sports track in Austin, TX March 11-13. I’d like to tell the stories of the adventures we’ve had, the good that we’ve done and how that has translated to the field and the ticket office. It is undeniable that Royals Twitter and Royals fans are doing something special in this town. This is our chance to tell the world.

Check out the video below and VOTE in the SXSW Panel Picker. You’ll need to create an account, then search ROYALS TWITTER and simply click the THUMBS UP icon. Online voting accounts for 30% of my chances to get to speak so I’d appreciate it if you could give it a couple of minutes of your time. Click HERE to vote.

Just think about all we’ve accomplished between #CountryBreakfast, #BooCano, #A1, #SungWooToKC, #RoyalsToWrigley, #BringBackSungWoo, #BounceBackJimmy, and many, many more.

And there is still a story left to be written! #UnfinishedBusiness

Please take a few minutes to vote for this presentation – I think it would be a really cool story and one that is worthy of telling at such a great event like SXSW Sports. Voting is open from August 10 thru September 4.

Click HERE to VOTE

About SXSW Sports:

Championing a broader perspective on the world of sports unique to SXSW, SXsports explores cultural impact and the human experience, tackles the future of sport in all its forms, and embraces technology and innovation. Rooted in one of the most influential cultural events in the world, SXsports offers the sports industry singular access to creative leaders, early adopters and die-hard fans from across the sports, entertainment and technology industries.

SXsports will run Friday, March 11 through Sunday, March 13 as part of the 2016 SXSW Interactive and SXSW Film events in Austin, Texas.

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