Ābdānān Brett and I at the 2014 ALCS

Going to need a favor from you guys on this one…

My family has been beyond blessed when it comes to baseball. I was at Game 7 of the 1985 World Series. I met my wife and decided to marry her, frankly, because she loved baseball. When we had my son Brett, almost immediately, he became a baseball kid. We’ve seen some of the greatest moments in Royals history together and we have been extremely lucky.

Brett’s love of baseball is almost greater than mine if you can believe it. When he gets home from school, he immediately puts on his Royals hat and it remains there until he goes to bed. When he gets up, he wears it until he has to leave for the school bus. He plays first base and third base, he pitches, and is damn good. He wears 35 and, because it was taken this fall, he wore 8 for his two favorite players, Hosmer and Moose. He’s a baseball brat and is going to be a tremendous baseball player for the rest of his career.

The plan was all coming together as his fall season was coming to an end. On a hunch, I bought three great tickets to Game 5 of the ALDS. Upper deck. Front row. Had a hunch we’d need them. We went to several postseason games last year and there’s nothing like taking your son to postseason baseball. He will do it someday for his children as my dad did for me. It’s the “family business” and the reward for all the extra batting practice and being the first to the field and breathing baseball has been to watch some incredible Royals baseball through our lifetime.

But plans sometimes get jumbled up.

Saturday, when playing in the last tournament of the year, Brett was run over by a runner at third and the knee of the runner clocked him in the jaw. He was knocked backwards and suffered a concussion. Being the hard headed son that he is, he denied anything was wrong. He denied that he lost consciousness. He denied he was suffering any after effects – exactly as I probably would have done.

As a precaution, we took him out of the game and our plans for the rest of the week continued – including watching the Royals amazing Game 4 comeback victory on Monday. When I asked him if he thought he’d be ready to go Wednesday, he said, “absolutely.”

But Tuesday he came home from his first day back at school and immediately pulled all the blinds in the house and went to bed. Something wasn’t right. He complained of a headache and I’m not sure he’s ever uttered the word before. Yeah. He wasn’t feeling well. And then this morning, he woke up with another headache.

He can’t go to the game tonight. Game 5. Kauffman Stadium. We won’t be there. We’ll be watching from a dimly lit television at home. Probably eating popcorn and BBQ.

This is not a play for pity. We’ve been more than blessed with baseball and besides, there are WAY more important things to send your sympathy out to in Kansas City this week.

buy generic cenforce online This is just an ask for a kind word and maybe an Instagram shower.

Brett doesn’t have Twitter or a Facebook, but what he does have is an Instagram. He is brett_k35 and I’d love it if we could flood his Instagram with a “Go35” message for him to feel better. Shoot him a picture and tag him. I think. I’m not an Instagram guy, but I think that’s what the kids do on there. That’s it. Nothing fancy. Shoot him a pic with the message GO35.

Oh, and make sure to tell your kids to slide.

Go Royals! Let’s see if we can get him out to the ALCS or… beyond.

Darmstadt [Game photos by Lynn Schmidt]

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4 Responses to Go35

  1. Mary Gulick says:

    perfect reason for me to learn how to Instagram.

  2. Christopher O says:

    There are quite a few responses on twitter.. 🙂 Search for Go35.

  3. Bill D. says:

    I’m not on Instagram, but please pass along my best wishes to Brett. Get better soon and root the Royals on, buddy! GO35

  4. Rhonda says:

    please give my best to Brett-all of KC is pulling together right now and that includes well wishes and prayers for your son!! Hope you’re up and going soon big guy GO35 ⚾️

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