Renowned for being home to the rich and famous, Los Angeles offers tourists all the glitz and glamour like a city fit for A-List celebrities should. Situated in the west coast state of California, L.A has a whole host of tourist hotspots to visit, as well as offering visitors a great nightlife scene, with some of the finest bars, casinos and clubs the Unites States has to offer. If you’re looking to hit up a few bars, then look no further than No Vacancy. The bar is looked just north of the famed Hollywood Boulevard and is regarded as one of the best bars Los Angeles has to offer. With three different bars available inside, as well as music from both lives bands and DJ’s, the venue offers visitors a cosy and unique experience.

purchase Lyrica from canada But if you want to take in some of the clubs that Los Angeles’ biggest celebrities hit up, then you have to take part in the L.A. Epic Club Crawl. Run by professional party hosts, groups of up to 150 people hit up 5 different clubs on the Hollywood Boulevard, getting into the clubs and having complimentary drinks vouchers on the way. The Crawls are open to both locals and tourists, with the prices for tickets being very reasonable, so you’d be a fool to miss out on a real life L.A party. If it is just the one club you want to go to however, check out Boulevard3. Situated on Sunset Boulevard, the club is ranked as one of the top 25 hottest venues in the world and is always full of famous face from the Los Angeles area, so who knows who you might bump into there. One place you would be guaranteed to be mingling with the rich and famous would be in the casinos, and Los Angeles offers some of the finest in California. The Commerce Casino gives patrons the opportunity to choose from 10 different gaming tables, including the likes of Pai Gow poker, baccarat and Pan-9. Similar to these ones you can check where you can try your luck in casino games. They also hold monthly tournaments, so if you are an avid gambler perhaps you could challenge L.A’s elite. Another fine casino in the area is the Hollywood Park, which also has great entertainment facilities. The casino is open 24/7 and offers gamers the chance to win some crazy bonuses and prizes, ranging from free spins of the roulette to cars!


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