Funny 102.5 is now 102.5 The Fan – Kansas City’s THIRD Sports Talk Station

Kansas City woke up this morning a little less funny and a little more sporty.  This morning at midnight, Funny 102.5 went silent and Kansas City’s third sports talk station began.

102.5 The Fan is the original name of KC’s new CBS Sports Affiliate.

CBS Sports launched 24 hours earlier.

The CBS Sports network will mark the new home for Jim Rome’s show and also Doug Gottlieb will have a program on the air.

Jim RomeIt is unknown where Jim Rome will be heard, as Union Broadcasting also has been playing the first 2 hours of Jim Rome’s show on their secondary station ESPN 1510.  Additionally Doug Gottlieb has been a popular guest on Soren Petro’s The Program middays.  Rome was played last year on 610 Sports until that timeslot was given to Danny Parkins show when Nick Wright left.

It remains to be seen where these shows end up.  My guess is that ESPN 1510 will play strictly ESPN Programming when not paying paid local shows such as The Outdoor Guys, and my new show,


  1. Andrew White

    I miss funny 102.5. why do we need another sports talk radio station?

  2. Kris Olson

    Bring back Funny 102.5. It was the only station I listen to on the radio.

  3. Fake Ned (Post author)

    That’s a fair question. I still think we should only have one sports talk station for number of teams that make the playoffs. This year, that number would’ve been ONE. (Sporting).

  4. asdf210

    please bring the funny back

  5. Jake Eubanks

    Thanks for once again ruining radio. Only station in KC my wife and I listened to.

  6. RHead

    We Don’t need another sports station. But we could still use some Funny! Bring back Funny 102.5!!!

  7. Jane

    I liked laughing when I was in the car. We absolutely do not need another sports channel. I don’t want to hear any more about how much KC teams stink.

    102.5 has already been removed from my presets.

  8. Shotgunjustice

    I am so incredibly disappointed. Funny 102.5 made my ride to work and home so much more enjoyable. I have turned all of my friends and family on to it. Boo for sports radio. Bring back funny. 🙁

  9. hthr

    My drive to the office was stress free with the comedy station.. now we get to listen to sports or the same five songs repeated all day long. So sorry every time you find something perfect it’s discontinued!

  10. hiscor

    I listen to funny 102.5 every morning on the way to school and every afternoon on the way home. BRING THE COMEDY BACK DANG-IT!

  11. Richard "Dick" Hole

    Sweet. Yet more boring ass sports talk. I’m so glad you replaced something unique with something generic. Thank you for taking the one thing I listened to on the radio and folding it neatly in half and (with the help of the new station) spread my buttcheeks apart and stick it straight up my ass.

  12. nate

    Thnx for RUINING my families drive to work and school. Me,my wife and daughter only listened to Funny 102.5. We enjoyed having smiles on our faces as we drove around town. If I needed sports updates i have 610 an 810 to tune into. Now we drive around not bustin our guts laughing,but bored. Again Thnx for nothing

  13. Handsom

    I already miss the comedy station. I’m not a sports fan so I now have no reason to listen to this station. The bad thing is I can’t remember how to reprogram the presets on my stereo.

  14. Duh

    I miss funny 102.5!! I removed 102.5 from my presets. I almost stabbed myself in the eye when I heard sports talk coming out of the speaker… Thanks for ruining my morning!!

  15. Patrick Wiley

    i favorited funny 102.5 on my ipod, but now, since this fucked up radio station came in, i had to download some comedy to my ipod. so thanks for the disappointment, many people hate this. i’m not that much a sports fan, so f**k you

  16. Aaron

    I cant believe it went away..
    I loved the Old Jack Benny radio broadcast for Christmas.. and was hoping for some more of them.. i was starting to buy some comedy tapes form the internet, because of what i was listening to on funny 102.5.. now just this sports.. stuff.. argg…
    How long did funny last anyway … 6 months? A Year? is that even enough time to find out if it has a nitch?

  17. iwantfunny

    Thank you for taking away the best and most unique radio station EVER! Who wants to listen to another boring sports radio show? Bring it back!

  18. cleos mom

    Now I have one more reason to loathe sports and sports broadcasting. Aren’t there already enough media outlets for this boring, useless drivel?

  19. Jay

    I miss the comedy. bring it back. I don’t wanna hear the sports on the radio. Now I have un-program 102.5 from my car radio.

  20. steve

    I really don’t know why we need a third sports station. Funny we need especially in these times. I can’t tell you how many people told me what a stress relief 102.5 funny was. Now – just another sports talk station… needless to say – i have unprogrammed 102.5 from both my cars. No thank you cbs

  21. Paul

    Bring back the funny!!!

  22. Alex

    Who do we have to pay to get Funny back? Do we really need a third radio station? there is plenty of sports on daily news, cable stations, and so much other crap. We finally had a station worth listening to, but no they could not get it off the ground long enough to make it big. No offense, but who ever made the choice to switch to sports, is a moron, and just gave more money to Sirius Radio who will pay to have comedy stations.

  23. Andrew

    I couldn’t agree more. Interesting. not a single comment in favor of this douche bag move. Bring back the funny.

  24. Steve

    Bring back funny 102.5. I have not came across a single person who is in favor of this change.

  25. clay

    I agree this sport dog stuff is just another duo f* that seems to be saying what all the other stations are. Bring back the funny me and my teenage boys both hate this station now. Removed removed removed!

  26. goud2geaux

    When I got tired of hearing music I didn’t like I went to 610 sports. When I got tired of sports my radio went silent. That is until I got a new go to station in comedy radio. I left town for less than two weeks and as soon as I got home and hopped in my car I was let down that my beloved comedy radio was not there. I couldn’t believe it. Who made this call? I keep checking the station because I am still in disbelief. I WANT MY COMEDY
    RADIO BACK! .)-:

  27. Tris Gma

    Bring back the funny! No matter who was riding in the car, we always agreed on one station – 102.5. We miss the laughter filled trips with comedy radio and can’t believe it’s been replaced with yet another sports station. Guess we’ll resort to utube and ipod to entertain us and leave the radio off altogether.

  28. kalaks

    Good grief. Not too much of a reach to know what kind of small old school mentality went into making this directive. Bring back the laughs and stress relief and take the obvious ‘politics’ out of this decision.

  29. Connie

    who needs another sports station. But we could still use some humor! Bring back Funny 102.5!!!

  30. Bonnie and Clyde

    Very disappointed that Funny 102.5 is gone, thought it was the best! Won’t be listening to 102.5 anymore. Sorry you think we would prefer sports over comedy!

  31. Mark

    Funny 102.5 was awesome and I’m saddened to see it go. Should have shit canned the sales staff instead of switching the format, “Cigar and Tobac” could not support the station seeing as they were the sole advertiser on the program.

  32. iva potts

    My 9 yr old and i had a routine on the drive to school…it included LAUGHING. WE are very unhappy about this change. We will never EVER listen to ( yaen) the new sport format

  33. Kelly

    I am not the best morning person but 102.5 Funny made my mornings. I found myself laughing all the way to work. This station was the perfect cure for any bad moon. I can’t believe we now have another stupid sports station. Ever my husband who loves sports is very bummed. It really was the only channel I listened to in the car. I also liked guessing the comedians and becoming more saavy on comedians.

  34. Lee

    I no longer live in KC, but visit periodically, and FUNNY made my day. I even stream it online, since I’m not from the area. Your sports station is unwelcome and a snore. Stick it! Bring back the Funny.

  35. Darrell

    I agree, who needs to listen to stories about a bunch of overpaid and under worked sports figures whom only care about themselves and what we can do for them, WE NEED MORE FUNNY!

  36. ray

    letting you know I took the funny 102.5 app off my phone. Thanks for nothing.

  37. tom

    well another idiotic thing happens in k.c…. we had a funny radio channel that was unique by being the only 1 of its kind & now we have the 71623512763521763rd sports radio channel… & since both the royals & the chiefs suck why the hell would anyone want ANOTHER sports radio in this area?!?! but sounds like par for the course in this town…

  38. jj

    IDIOTS made the decision. I am a long time sports fan but I have never been interested in listening to a bunch of MORONS yap about sports. They add NOTHING essential. Especially compared to laughing hysterically in my car just before spending a dull day in cubeville. Now there is no reason for me to even turn on the radio. Sigh…back to ITunes…

  39. angry radio listener

    I believe we all should call in to this station daily when he takes calls and bitch about it until they “at the least” remove it and replace it with ANYTHING else, cause this guy is unbearable. .. I mean I dont like sports radio, -zzzzzzzzz…. but I mean u cant get worse than this guy… I tri ed listening to him… he is currently talking about video games in urinals and he’s been talking about it for about 15 minutes going out of his way to make it funny and it’s just horrible… please bring back comedy radio… or just replace with anything lol… I deliver for a living and comedy is what was on all day for my drives.

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