We’re all heartbroken. Kansas City. Boston. America.

FenwayParkBaseball, rightfully so, is taking a backseat as tanks roll down city streets in Boston.

It dawned on me a couple of inevitable things may be coming down the way soon.

  1. Our Royals are in Boston waiting for some sense of normalcy to be restored.
  2. There’s no way the game is being played tonight. **UPDATE: Tonight’s game officially cancelled.
  3. Watching local Boston coverage, numerous times, City officials said this may stretch through the weekend.

Then it dawned on me. Kauffman Stadium is empty this weekend. What about moving the games here? Believe it or not, there is precedent for this in the past. When Seattle’s Kingdome was being repaired, the Seattle Mariners went on the mother of all road trips and played unscheduled games at Royals Stadium in the 90’s. After snow ruined the start of a season in Ohio, the Indians and Reds both had to trade series’ (need sources, please)

Anyway, that’s the idea behind #FenwayAtTheK. What if we threw open the doors to Kauffman Saturday and Sunday and had a double-header Saturday, and a game Sunday?

Logistically, this would be a mammoth task. But we’ve seen cities spring to action in the past – especially when hurricanes and disasters jeopartized NFL games. (Source).

Some ideas on how we could do it:

  • First off, if there’s no way to get the teams out of Boston, then this idea is stupid. Nobody’s safety is worth a baseball game.
  • If you can get the teams to the airport (the airport is open), then we get them here tonight.
  • Tickets can be sold for $5? $10? Some sort of open seating. I remember buying $5 tix when the Mariners played here and sitting in Club Level for the first time. Was a special deal.
  • Those proceeds would be donated to funds set up to help the victims of the Boston Bombing which will have medical treatment bills for years to come.
  • We could also do a couple of things for West, Texas – maybe a clothing drive? Food drive? Donate parking $$ to their fund? They shouldn’t be left out of this either.
  • Obviously, this would require help from the City of KC. Yes, this is a NASCAR Race weekend, so that’d stretch things thin. I’m sure everyone would pitch in to help, though.  Police for extra security. Some vendors are offering to donate their tips to victims funds.  This could really show the best of Kansas City.
  • UPDATE: Did hear that there was a wedding at The K this weekend.  So hold it between games.  I’m sure they’d get a kick out of being married in front of 25,000 people.
  • Some fun things we could do:
    • Fans in left field could wear green shirts to make a “virtual Green Monster”
    • Sweet Caroline could be played in place of Friends in Low Places
    • We could embrace the charm of Fenway as the Red Sox would most likely remain the “Home” teams in these games.

I’ll continue to update this post with more ideas, etc.

Again, to repeat, if this is unsafe, then forget any of this.  But if it’s just logistically challenging, that’s no excuse. Kansas City has Boston’s back.

Help us make #FenwayAtTheK happen. Tell your Mayor. Tell your teacher. Tell your Royals’ VP.  Make. This. Happen.



UPDATE: 2:49 PM – With the events in Boston clearly reaching a fever pitch, just a reminder that I’m not suggesting we steal games from Boston, or anything like that. This is just an idea.  A plan B in case it looks like this might be a while. MLB hates cancelling more than one game in a row. I’m quite confident we could so something extremely special here in Kansas City – FOR Boston and West if given the opportunity.  But certainly not at the expense of anything in Boston or anyone’s safety.  Keep this idea in your mind if this stretches into the evening.  Saturday could be inspiring.  Kansas City is a special town.

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  1. […] To this point, there hasn’t been an announced makeup date for Friday’s game. Saturday’s game will go as planned and perhaps Sunday will involve a double header. Before the game was officially postponed, there were questions about when – or if – the series would be played. Ideas were floated for potential solutions – an empty Fenway (to keep the public from having to gather while a suspect was still at large), moving the series to Kansas City. […]

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