With apologies to Greg Hall, I’d like to steal his “Off the Couch” style and post about a dozen responses I’ve gotten on twitter from my Open Letter to Kevin Kietzman.


stromectol buy cheap @gavinesq Absolutely, Go to your window and screm, I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!

This was following my post and the tremendous response it got last night on twitter. Within about an hour, the original post had been retweeted over 150 times and referenced over 300 times. This kind of turned into my Howard Beale moment.  If you don’t know who that is, go Netflix the movie NETWORK. Do it. Now. In the meantime, watch THIS.


http://noamchen.com/urban-landscapes/europe/ @d_nadler Great letter. I stopped listening 4 the same reasons. Makes me sad really. I used to wait for lunch until 2:00 to hear his show.

buy modafinil in usa @MerleTagladucci Your letter to #Kietzman is like an echo of what we’ve been saying on KCForum for the past 7 years, but well done nonetheless.

can you buy Lyrica from canada @greghall24 Is this the 810 listeners’ 2011 version of The Walkout?

First off, to be RT’d by Greg Hall. Classic and awesome. Secondly, I think Sports Talk in Kansas City was once appointment entertainment. Now it’s commercial followed by remote, followed by live read, followed by endorsement/interview, followed by vamping followed by more commercials.  People are sick of it and honestly, we know these folks can do better.  The Walk Out was a turning point in the history of the Kansas City Royals.  But it didn’t really make it better.


@5joeclines The walkout started me on talk radio in college. KK has turned into kc stern. Big in 2000, sell out in 2011.


@crackedmirror For those who remember when sports radio was about… sports.

While I’m a big fan of the Border Patrol, I listened this morning as they “interviewed” Danny Jackson, who was selling pancakes; Sporting KC talks, who the station has a radio contract with and Victor Ortiz, who is a cool dude.  Buyer beware.  But we’re all smarter for it.


@ClintT13 After reading the letter by @fakenedyost I wonder how many sports fans listen to sports talk. I’m 28 and have never listened. Not even once.

Sports talk has been a part of my everyday for the past 10 years. I listened to a lot of Rush Limbaugh in college, but that act got very tired for me. Then I discovered 1510 and 810. Now, it seems that that act is getting tired again.


@mjzerl13 I thank KK for 810. But Petro and SSJ best in town… give it up keitz. Let us enjoy our drive home. Thanks fakened.

Lots of us tune in for 20 minutes a day – mostly while we’re driving. Count the number of commercials the next time you do. You’ll be stunned.


@TrendsKC “kietzman” is now trending in #KansasCity

That was pretty cool. I went to the TrendsKC website and saw my post literally streaming past while it was being retweeted by hundreds of people. That’s a moment I’ll never forget.

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3 Responses to Feedback to my “Open Letter”

  1. gavinesq says:

    Love the OTC-style. Can I ask one favor? Above you got my Twitter handle wrong (transposed the “s” and the “e”)? Can I ask for a fix or does that make me look like a tool?

  2. FakeNed says:

    It does make you look like a tool. But it fits in nicely with the name of the website.

  3. Easz88 says:

    Went to lunch today – 11:30 – turned on the car, and just for funsies, I went ahead and turned on 810…Commercials time… I counted them. There were six in total that I heard, mind you that I don’t know if there were any on before that.

    Just admit FNY, you’re going to miss the likes of guys like Tobi Tobin (sp?) and his Ford commercials.

    BTW: I’m pretty sure that there was actually more like 7-8 commercials, as at least one of them was a Quick Trip / Price Chopper commercial combined…bastards.

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