Starting (as in, this is my first and possibly will be more) a weekly segment as an homage to Jack’s Smack called the “Fake Ned Minute” for Troy’s Royalman Report every Sunday night.

I will post the text of these Special Commentaries here on Rambling Morons on Monday’s.

Here is my first one. Would love to get your feedback.

FAKE NED MINUTE – September 18, 2011

I’d call what’s going on down at One Arrowhead Drive a circus, but “circus” doesn’t begin to describe just how many clowns and piles of elephant crap are associated with the Chiefs right now.

These problems target one man – Todd Haley.  Todd hasn’t prepared his team for the 16-week season and wasted a tremendous opportunity in a shortened pre-season.

It reminds me of the “Camp Snoopy” Spring Trainings that the Royals had in the early-2000’s under Tony Pena. His Spring Trainings were legendary for being soft on content and high on goofing around.  He was the gym teacher that never made you climb the rope.  Pena’s teams were monumentally bad culminating with a 104 loss season in 2004.

By all accounts, Haley’s strike-shortented pre-season camp was light on content and heavy on butt-grabbing and two losses by a combined 89 points to open the season are the result. Todd, you once famously said “do your job and we’ll win this game,” but Todd, and you need to start doing yours. Haley, you messed up not getting your team prepared and you need to go. Now.  The only problem is that there is no Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas waiting in the wings for the boys out at Arrowhead.

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